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Community were spray painted on the doors the concrete outside the building unbelievable. Disgusting. And I don't know who these people think they're helping or what agenda they think they're helping. But they're really a bunch of ridiculous people. I have no idea really what they could possibly take their accomplishing besides making themselves. Look, like fools. And I mean, I hope there's some kind of surveillance. I hope they get busted. I hope they find him. I was looking up so governor Kevin, of course, as you would imagine how tweet about it and trying to track down and give a basically it says this is not what we're about. This is not what Oklahoma is. It says the language written on the doors of the okay, Democrats headquarters is abort it. Does not reflect who we are as a state admit already leader. Emily virgin had a state a statement that came out says the incident is terrific and to common across the country. These symbols are hurtful reminiscent of a dangerous and scary time in our world's history. I look forward to the day that we can all work to build each other up rather than tear each other down until that day. I will continue to condemn these hateful and ignorant acts. Nobody can disagree with that statement. That's what I said what they tried to accomplish. Or what they're trying to do. They look ridiculous. It's embarrassing for the state. I mean. State party chairman governor, I mean, ever Republicans pretty much came out as fast as I could and said, this is ridiculous. You can't get down there. Something wants to biggest break not symbols. Can we like Google that boys that number fourteen eighty? What it is either? Yeah. See what it is. I haven't got my wife supremacist dictionary. Mike. That I get. Yeah. What? Okay. I'll look for you said. Chairman Republican party PM Pollard, very low show..

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