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Are you a superstar. Not forty points. You should be a superstar. But he's not he's not he's just a guy who's very good and then sometimes great and i think that's totally fine place to put him so he was incredible and we should talk about chris. Paul chris paul. Are we going to do the injured thing. I think that it's not necessarily an injury. I don't know what vertigo is considered an injury or is that considered a disease or an ailment chat heights. I think. I think he has vertigo. Because he just. He looked dizzy when he was trying to dribble the ball. He didn't know where the ball was going to come after it hit the ground after he dribbled it. I don't know like i feel like it. Would maybe something with his hand or maybe mental yeah. It's it's weird. I feel very bad for our friend. ryan russillo. That's a tough mountain to be on right now with chris paul. You hope that you hope that he's injured not that. I hope that he's injured. But you hope that that's it's not just who. He is a mental thing that he just can't play basketball and the biggest moments. Yeah the monsters. Got him actually. It looked like he. It honestly looked like he was dizzy yet. There for ryan sake. Have to hope that i mean. He's got to be injured because if he wasn't injured. You're really wrong about chris. Paul being a good player and then job. That's your job to watch the tape. He does watch tape Yeah he's not been good. Jrue holiday has been great on defense. He can't hit a shot save his life but he's great on defense so i it's chris. Paul looks drunk may be injured but you also have to give credit jrue holiday for playing great defense and the weirdest one was when chris paul deferring to campaign in like big moments. And the one guy you don't want to defer to his campaign because campaign will take that to ferment. and then just shoot every single shah. Yes you have to. You have to put a very short lease on campaign tweeted it last night but there is something about campaign and i actually think that you get value out of a guy who's who's key. I think he started coming off the bench like playing those type of minutes. Who has the on the best guy out here feeling because you you want someone mama mentality. Even though he's not you want someone who will give you minutes. Like oh he can. Maybe take over get hot. But they're the best thing that happens it every game is when campaign is like i got this and then he doesn't even come close to having it and gets he got blocked by. I can't remember who blocked him. I think might have been pat coniston but he basically dribbled directly into four people. And was i got this and wasn't even close hero ball. Yeah i i like campaign. Because he's not afraid but you have to. If you're a coach you have. Your job is to make campaign afraid occasionally. Yeah like put a healthy fear of the basket into be like. Hey listen if you got one on one and there's absolutely nobody else's open for a pass and there's five seconds left on the chocolate you have the green light that's the campaign green anything above that like. Let's try to play some team basketball. Shout out to buds demand black. Oh yeah looking like a legend on the sidelines. Looking like johnny cash. I i like. I think buds is a guy that looks better when he's not wearing a suit most other coaches. It's like be nice to see. That guy wearing tight occasionally buds. He just he lives with that man in black look. Yeah and he's i like him to Like a frustrated overworked restaurant manager because he has that face where he's like. Oh another fucking six top. Yeah it's like ten thirty and we close at eleven. I could see that. I see that i could also see like the head bartender at an upscale chain restaurant. You know the guy that spector pouring the specialty cocktails and he'll get mad at you if you don't like the cocktail servcies. Actually those are impeccable. Ingredients yeah so it was. It was a great game. it was a stupid game. It was a great game what he got jake. I got a few things following up from earlier. first off guy named soapy who said defending the yep Second off pat contin struck out jamison dunk jabbar park. Garrett is which bolt those have an age great tomorrow and james. Yeah yeah in college. Them striking out jamie's yeah. He can't see. Yeah that was pre lucic might have hit a home run off genius. She was a pitcher. But i think he also hit and then lastly Vertigo is technically a sensation. Okay got chris sensation. I it's cost. So i if chris paul's hurt or has vertigo or is just mentally not able to step up to this moment. I think the suns are big trouble. Because you had the devon booker is doing everything now. And he's i mean he was. He was phenomenal like that. That third quarter was incredible. The obviously the foul trouble hurt him but and especially the eight fouls he had put men. You need chris paul to do more than two points. I've ever i think they'll be okay. Once they get back to the valley because the fans down in phoenix have not left the stadium. I think that's the same group of fans from the last game that they keep flashing to and showing. Hey these guys are in the arena right. Now they've been doing bonnaroo for the last four or five days. don't go they. I mean in this series. You definitely see. Each team is a completely different team at home. Yeah absolutely and there's been. I mean the games besides game three and game one game two and four. I have been fairly close. I just don't you need chris. Paul like that's not a hot take. That's not a crazy thing to say. You need chris paul to be playing as best as possible he does. He have double covert. he's a long long long effects of covert. I'm sure there's someone who's throwing that out there. Yep dan wilkins firing up that home right like well. This is why we should cancelled the series as soon as he came down with covert. This is why we should cancel balls. Yes anything else from the game again. it was. It was just cool to watch a game that was it. Felt like the stakes were. So monumental fans rocking. It was just awesome. I loved. I loved every second of that game. Let me see. How many points at chris paul score he scored. Oh ended up with ten points. I think he had that he did score a layup with like with like three seconds left. That was very much. Hey this is a. This is good. That i'm gonna get this on the went coast to coast to beat the jazz one other note. I think it was a it was a tie game at halftime. I hate that. Because they're doing the taco bell you come back you free doritos locos taco though bring the taco back. And if it's a tie game the no team can come back and you lose the prospect of a free taco. at halftime. you lost a lot of viewers on that one should be whoever scores. The first point and the other team is the comeback team in the second. Half yes i like that too..

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