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The trump administration was planning to separate tens of thousands of migrant children before it was forced to end its zero tolerance policy according to a report from the department of homeland security CBP officials told the White House they expected to separate more than twenty six thousand families over the course of four months back in twenty eighteen the report shows that the administration was committed to a large scale implementation of a policy before president trump signed an executive order halting it the move from the president followed massive public outcry and a federal judge ruling that ordered the administration to discontinue the policy and reunite most separated families Tom Roberts NBC news radio Texas governor Greg Abbott is promising state resources to help clean up after dangerous explosions at a chemical plant in the southeast part of the state Jefferson County judge Jeff Branik issued a disaster declaration for the TTC facility in port natures Boeing is running into complications in its mission to get seven thirty seven MAX planes back in the air the Federal Aviation Administration says each plane will have to be individually inspected before they can take flight New York City mayor bill de Blasio is asking everyone to keep their fingers crossed the weather cooperates ahead of the Macy's thanksgiving day parade so the wind will stay calm and will be I'll let these balloons fly we're hopeful we're hopeful our colleague from the NYPD and office emergency management to make the big decision early in the morning sustained winds of twenty three miles per hour or gusts up to thirty four miles per hour could force the Thor he's to keep the balloons grounded based off safety concerns your listening to the latest from NBC news radio is your vehicle ready for your.

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