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From the NFL Melby the NBA 'em. It's all in here Golden State media concepts, sports podcast. Listen. Looking back to you as himse baseball podcasts on a Friday today. Here we're looking at the outlook for the second half of this season. We'll we call the second half and it's gonna call the second half and just be okay with it. Every time I say the second half of the season post all-star break as it really is the Marxist. It's a Marxist stretch Mark stretch around because it's not the taking half is the post all-star break stretch run. We're getting August September bras, organ, expand. We're going to do that also talking about it on the end of the next month. Talk about how teams are gonna look little different and how the brasler expansion is going to change different teams outlooks for the playoffs of thing. Baseball is you never know. We could be right where we are right now, whether everybody like four or five, six games back in September for first. And that could be fine because things can change. I mean, I'm being giant three, twenty ten. We were well. It was a down nine games on September. First. After a dismal dismal, April think maybe ten eleven games in April. Eleven and fifteen April something like that was bad and. They were dialing nine games in in in in a west, but Padres Potters are in first place. Padres are looking good, and they just tank Potter's ten games in a row or somebody. I think there are eleven games back. They had to be eleven games. Row in September. Giants went on a tear. They finished like eighteen and twelve September or more than that, obviously the on the last game of the season to decide who won the, but you never..

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