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There's a lot of shooting and this movie similar to justice league there's a lot at stake you know there's a scene just like just to see justice league fade the world's at stake hardboiled actually takes that it makes you feel it by having a scene where a in this hospital there's a room full of babies they're going to get set on fire and our hero has to get all those babies out and his pants on fire and the baby pees on these athem the fire and he calls the baby little piss pot or something and it's awesome so watch hard boil this there's something about the hong kong action movies where it's like the most intense action the most over the top emotion and then the dumbest like kind of gag that it's a beautiful stu stoop starring me let's like i had to working on a presentation right now for whatever live shows and i had to watch a little bit of rumble in the bronx and i had watched that years those like i forgot how goofy this movie is like it's so goofy but that's a jackie chan movie is really great though it was a really great way for me to prepare to move to new york city better boat up on this place is like janki show me i'll let commend my real quick be rebelled brooks so my movie is going to be slip guys we're living at a time when it seems like washington is crisis politics is really is full of kinda slimy types and we all your in back for the better times before then right before now when it was within tra better people honest i'm here to tell you it was never that way and i want to recommend a movie that kinda points that up so this is the movie advise and consent for nineteen sixty two it's auto predator movie about the president has nominated henry fonda for secretary of state not the actor refunded but a character henry refunders plane and henry fonda has some has a leftist connection his past i was was a possibly a red at some point in this is about the senate all all the different senators the president everybody maneuvering to try to either get this appointment forward or stop it and in doing so one senator who has a secret in his past that now especially looking at it from this vantage point.

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