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Ecosystem in two thousand nineteen grew out of our internal deal team and was authored by legion who's on her deal team and she works very close with andrew chen. Who's one of general partners who's really interested in investing in podcasting startups and then avery seagal also authored a section in that report on podcasting casting china because it's huge in china and he works very closely with connie chan who's very interested in investing in podcasting startups and new media startups as well and then the third author was ben at karachi who did a lot of research on that report and they also really called a lot of the research out there so i wanna give a shout out to edison research. They produce the infinite dial study and tom webster. I've been following his work for like fifteen years. Is the main lead there in. It's a really thoughtful report so that's the context with that report. I think the big takeaways at a very high level are that podcasting is hitting a quote inflection point that it's becoming more mainstream now. I actually still don't think it's there. It's still very early. Days of my big reflection on modern podcasting is that it is becoming more mainstream but it is still phase one because we don't have the infrastructure that we need to really do podcasting well by that. I mean it's still lacks discovery. I mean how do you find a podcast. How do people find software engineering daily if they don't already know about exactly and as you know one of the ways people find podcast number one way to discover podcast is listen to other podcasts so that's basically how people find out then there's a complete lack of episodic discovery. Mrs big pet peeves. I don't believe everybody wants to follow. Every single episode of a podcast is not a serialized narrative show. They want topical things so what i want all the podcasts on quantum computing crafting fantasy novels and romance which are all things. I'm interested in kind of weird combo but i can't find that now so that's missing but what's some good news on this talking about modern podcasting is that google recently announced that they are transcribing podcasts which is a huge important move because now finally all that sort of dark voice for lack of a better phrase is is going to finally be indexed which will help a ton with the discovery side..

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