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Is your house. The one i'm laughing at and what i'm looking at a lot is Villareal own-goal against the code damage on sunday is just if you haven't seen it yet. It's obsolete bizarre so very altitude went up against grid. It's the it's it's thirty seconds to go so ninety. Four plus eaten in the ninety fifth mayo ninety five minutes stoppage-time and you're okay so i'll madrid. They're going to lose this game and that's going to open up legally thinking. Oh maybe this could be real madrid. Gio maybe ball sonal could be doing something with memphis. I think memphis is going to be great football sunday. By the way you're going to xyz and then just a simple back header from villarroel completely wrong foots. The goalkeeper all four villarreal defenders of collapse simultaneously as this happens because they initiate disbelief and applicants. Should equalize are you seeing the only give it some in not true so of as he had schooled. The last minute go himself. Yes i love when he goes. Lovely goes is hilarious. It's one of the best worst on goes i've ever seen and Yeah i'm definitely is that you go from the call. You've convinced me. Because i was going to go full ma boy have fees thereto so vast by i've concerto. Let's let's let's stick in spain. And in the same vein. It was the first game. And then newly-formed furred league yet. Oh while i conceded about pause goalkeeper message up that is composed them then. He tries to swing a it. Just clicks loads avail at twenty hawks destructive as comes in and talks in. And you're thinking to yourself. This is deferred league. And this is the chaos. I'm gonna chew them. But i love the name of one of the teams. The first name was coach. That's really different. you know. usually you've got kind of you know like a city or a town called culture and then the name of the town really. Let's see i'm gonna go. My favorite golden weekend was was that go first goal the cut and raise all the spanish word league afternoon. London cannot cannot can. I say. I'm when i'm gone premier league And player that. I always vote could do a lot more but you never. You didn't think it was gonna happen at less damara gray in right Scored a goal is to go against the leads in.

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