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Need to know brought to you by strong bill plumbing air and solar number one pima county got rid of a couple of insane rules. Yesterday the supervisors meeting for restaurants. The you must all accept reservations or no walk INS. So you can control social distancing gone couple others but everything was not wiped out Steve Christie said. Wipe out this entire proclamation. They wouldn't do it. They're going to have another meeting Thursday two. Pm Go and crush them. Great restaurant owner showed up and put them in their place. Ramon valid said. This is always a work in progress. No not to business owners. They need certainty genius so I call him rumour on second thing that I think you need to know story from Mcclatchy says Republican. Well Republican operatives. I say Arezzo Anna. Gop people these are big shots. Write anonymously tell mcclatchy that makes sally is a big drag on trump. That's what's dragging trump down. She has no energy. She has no way to actually get people whipped up energy. No volunteers nothing at all. And this is after also playing just a second before. We get a Danny McCarthy and NBC reporter saying whenever she puts a Mike in front of Martha space s about trump. She runs away. Get that one right. If you don't Mind Ryan third thing. I think you need to know and I'm just is. This should be big new audio. From Joe Biden. Talking to the Ukrainian president went up when Biden was the vice president and Ukrainian. President says I did what I said I would do. I got Shokhin with anything wrong. I got him to resign and buying basis at good. Now you're going to get your billion dollars. Holy smokes this even Washington. Post now is reporting about it. I don't know why other news agencies are INS- three things. I think you need to know. Now I want Daniel here this so before. We play a little bit about Martha and a lot about China and more Kelly about time we get into this and Martha Kent Brand this guy. It's it's ridiculous right. If you don't want to put this video my page you can as DOT com. I'll stick it on facebook as well this morning on morning. Joe Face Casey Hunt Reporter. Nbc News said. It's not just Martha but Martha like Senators Cory Gardner Susan Collins. These are all never trumpers right. These are all never trumpers and apparently every time she asks Martha and these others about trump they run. Listen to this fifty ago Joe. There have been many many times in the last year where I have stuck a microphone in the General Direction of.

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