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It's <Speech_Female> Monday July. Twenty <Speech_Female> seventh I'm <Speech_Female> Mary, Regalado <Speech_Female> and here's your local Monday July. Twenty <Speech_Female> seventh I'm <Speech_Female> Mary, Regalado <Speech_Female> and here's your local news. <Speech_Female> From The Los Angeles <Speech_Female> Times <Speech_Female> today will be <Speech_Female> mostly sunny with <Speech_Female> a high of eighty-three <Speech_Female> and a low <SpeakerChange> tonight <Silence> sixty one. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> Our Top story <Speech_Female> California. Governor <Speech_Female> Gavin newsom <Speech_Female> announced Friday, <Speech_Female> that the state would <Speech_Female> start an aggressive covid <Speech_Female> nineteen testing <Speech_Female> regime for its <Speech_Female> health employees who <Speech_Female> inspect nursing <Speech_Female> homes. <Speech_Female> newsom also added <Speech_Female> that nursing <Speech_Female> home inspectors would <Speech_Female> be held to the same <Speech_Female> testing standards. <Speech_Female> The state required of <Speech_Female> nursing home. Employees <Speech_Female> homes <Speech_Female> are required to <Speech_Female> test twenty five percent <Speech_Female> of their staff every <Speech_Female> week and <Speech_Female> ensure that all employees <Speech_Female> are tested <Speech_Female> at least once a month. <Speech_Female> The announcement <Speech_Female> came after an La <Speech_Female> Times investigation <Speech_Female> found that since <Speech_Female> the beginning of the pandemic, <Speech_Female> the <Speech_Female> state health department <Speech_Female> had been <SpeakerChange> sending inspectors <Speech_Female> to nursing <Speech_Female> homes without testing <Silence> them. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> In More Virus <Speech_Female> News, Los Angeles <Speech_Female> firefighter <Speech_Female> died Saturday <Speech_Female> of complications <Speech_Female> from covid nineteen, <Speech_Female> the first <Speech_Female> in the department <Speech_Female> to succumb to the disease <Speech_Female> officials, <Speech_Female> said firefighter <Speech_Female> paramedic <Speech_Female> Jose Perez <Speech_Female> was forty four, <Speech_Female> and is survived <Speech_Female> by his wife and <Speech_Female> three children. <Speech_Female> This follows the <Speech_Female> Friday death of forty <Speech_Female> five year old Valentin <Speech_Female> Martinez <Speech_Female> the first Los <Speech_Female> Angeles Police Department <Speech_Female> sworn officer <Speech_Female> to die of Covid <Speech_Female> nineteen <Speech_Female> authorities <Speech_Female> said Martinez worked <Speech_Female> patrol and is <Speech_Female> presumed to have contract. <Speech_Female> The virus <Speech_Female> was on duty <Speech_Female> according to <Speech_Female> LAPD chief. <Speech_Female> Michael Moore. <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> His domestic partner <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> is twenty <SpeakerChange> weeks <Speech_Female> pregnant with twin, <Silence> boys? <Silence> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> In Business <Speech_Female> News Mayor Eric <Speech_Female> Garcetti, said <Speech_Female> the city of Los Angeles <Speech_Female> will temporarily <Speech_Female> wave fines <Speech_Female> for businesses <Speech_Female> cited for displaying <Speech_Female> signs without <Speech_Female> a permit. <Speech_Female> The announcement was <Speech_Female> made Friday after <Speech_Female> building inspector's <Speech_Female> find several businesses <Speech_Female> for hanging. <Speech_Female> We're open signs <Speech_Female> without permits <Speech_Female> violating <Speech_Female> city rules. <Speech_Female> Garcetti <Speech_Female> further said that although <Speech_Female> inspectors were <Speech_Female> doing their job, <Speech_Female> he was changing <Speech_Female> the rules to help struggling <Speech_Female> businesses <Speech_Female> during the covid nineteen <Speech_Female> pandemic. <Speech_Female> The decision clears <Speech_Female> the way for more <Speech_Female> businesses to put <Speech_Female> up banners. <Speech_Female> Additionally, the city <Speech_Female> will rescind any fines <Speech_Female> that have been <Silence> issued. <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> In local news <Speech_Female> from Orange County <Speech_Female> to northern <Speech_Female> California <Speech_Female> people continue <Speech_Female> to gather for large <Speech_Female> outdoor religious <Speech_Female> ceremonies without <Speech_Female> following rules <Speech_Female> to slow the <Speech_Female> spread of the corona <Speech_Female> virus, prompting <Speech_Female> stern reprimands <Speech_Female> from public health <Speech_Female> officials. <Speech_Female> It's been two weeks <Speech_Female> since governor. Gavin <Speech_Female> NEWSOM ORDERED <Speech_Female> THE RE closure of <Speech_Female> churches in much <Speech_Female> of the state amid <Speech_Female> a resurgence <Speech_Female> of corona virus cases, <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> though outdoor worship <Speech_Female> services are still <Speech_Female> permitted, <Speech_Female> participants are supposed <Speech_Female> to wear face coverings <Speech_Female> and keep six <Speech_Female> feet apart. <Speech_Female> However, health <Speech_Female> officials have said there <Speech_Female> are potential hazards <Speech_Female> of with <Speech_Female> churches, namely <Speech_Female> the prevalence of <Speech_Female> singing and chanting, <Speech_Female> which can increase <Speech_Female> the likelihood of <Speech_Female> transmission <SpeakerChange> through <Silence> droplets spread. <Silence> <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> And finally <Speech_Female> Shohei. <Speech_Female> ohtani made a long <Speech_Female> awaited return <Speech_Female> to the pitching mound <Speech_Female> for the angels yesterday, <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> but he wasn't there long <Speech_Female> Otani gave <Speech_Female> up a leadoff single <Speech_Female> and two consecutive <Speech_Female> walks, <Speech_Female> and after two <Speech_Female> more hits, the angels <Speech_Female> trailed four <Speech_Female> two zero, and <Speech_Female> was replaced <Speech_Female> in <Speech_Female> all. He threw thirty <Speech_Female> pitches and did not record <Speech_Female> out <Speech_Female> the Oakland Athletics <Speech_Female> won the game <Speech_Female> six, two, four, <Speech_Female> Ohtani, <Speech_Female> the two thousand eighteen. <Speech_Female> League <Speech_Female> rookie of the year <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> did not pitch last <Speech_Female> season after <Speech_Female> having Tommy John <Silence> Surgery. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> For these stories and more visit LA TIMES DOT com.

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