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Into that tart below. She was okay and she wasn't injured. She was able to stand up and walk away. There's a ton of relief. Everyone was clapping and cheering. I don't know how she got in their particular situation yet you know we are. We are conducting our own internal investigation. As winter continues, so does the pandemic at the Bristol Mountain ski resort where the chairlift incident occurred. Safety precautions include enforced capacity regulations, social distancing on lifts and in line And required face coverings at all times, except when, in the act of skiing ski lift accidents are rare, according to the National Ski Areas Association. A passenger is five times more likely to die, riding an elevator and eight times more likely to die in a car, then on a ski lift. Rare does not mean never in 2019 17 year old Connor Gollum be Uschi died after a 20 ft fall off a lift at a Pennsylvania ski resort. And in 2018, with her instructor clinging to her hoody of five year old girl fell into a tarp below this lift in California. Somehow she suffered only minor injuries. This sister of the girl in this weekend's incident, said she escaped without even a bruise. The girl's mother said that as of last night she had not yet been contacted by Bristol Mountain, which left her concerned as a parent about the mountains. Safety protocols men for the longest time of coached women's teams. Finally, we're starting to see women hired to coach the men comas. Bill Swartz examines the long overdue change in 1972 Congress passed the landmark title nine legislation, which insured women college athletics would receive equal funding as the men Sparked record turnout and female sports. But when it came to coaches, one gender guy way more opportunities.

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