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To work. Texas governor Greg Abbott, responding last night to Texas House Democrats, leaving the special session and in many cases the state of Texas. Among those who went to Washington D. C Last night is House Democrat Penny. Morale is Shaw, who's on the line with us. So is Texas representative Garnet Coleman, who remains in the state but remains off of the House floor. I'm going to ask this of both of you. Let me start with representative Coleman. The governor characterizes this move as a refusal to show up for work and do what you were elected to do. Does he have a point? Balderdash? We are working. We're representing our constituents. Who believe in a free and accessible access to the ballot. And if this is how we can represent them. That's the best thing that we can do. It's not not working is actually working. To make sure that they represented in the most vigorous way that we can do it and this is what this is all about. You know, the governor is really funny. The agenda he laid out was an agenda to do, uh, Election reform of some sort That makes it harder for people to vote in. It could create intimidation in the ballot box. Uh and then the precinct and, uh, The lieutenant governor is doing trans kids in sports. Mean that's their agenda. I don't know why they're saying we're stopping our own because they put that agenda out. There is what they want to pass. Uh oh. I think it's better to go kill bills and then Think that everything is about passing a bill. I will point out that the items, the things that he said that you were keeping from occurring were not necessarily the items that he identified for the special session represented Morales Shaw. Your reaction? Yeah. Yeah. Represented morale. A shop. I'm here. I'm here. Let me start by saying that each of those issues that he talks about those are not new issues. Those are issues that we vigorously vigorously push toward during regular session, and honestly, there was no reason why each of those measures could not have passed other than If the powers that be that hold the levers and that's the GOP, so they didn't pass those measures during regular session. Those were we were vigorously pushing for those. If you look at the legislative bills that were filed, you will find each of those and probably multiple versions of them and then to speak to the fact that we're not working. Um, if we're not working, I don't know what we're doing. This is this is more than work at sacrificial work. We're away from our families were away from our homes. We're away from our our own businesses. We are here to work for the people. This is this is no vacation. We're just not doing the work that he wants us to do. We are not bending to their will. We are bending to the will of our constituents and of the people of Texas, because let me tell you this bill. It's not going to affect one person, One party or another. It's going to affect everyone. It will affect seniors. It will affect young people. It will affect disabled people. It will affect all people of all creeds. So we are really working on behalf more than our constituents. But for the people were here today in Washington, not on cushy planes. They're regular chartered planes. Paid for by the House Democratic Caucus. Um, and in a regular old hotel. There's nothing, uh, exceptional or luxurious about either. Uh, and again, we're away from all of our own amenities. Some of us have health issues we're dealing with. And we have to make this sacrifice because, uh, every single law in this country and in our state is berthed at the ballot box. What does or doesn't happen there. So this is paramount that we be here and we'd be fighting for the expansion and not restriction of voter rights. Many Morales Shaw is a Democrat representing district 1 48 in the Texas House. Garnet Coleman represents the 147th district in the Texas House representatives. Thank you both very much. Thank you. Thank you, Garnet. It's so good to hear you and I'm glad you're on. The men Can't wait to see you. Can't wait to see you, too. Thank you.

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