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With Jocelyn chessen at the editor's desk coming up the special prosecutor named in the murder case of a Georgia jogger the White House recommending corona virus testing on more than a million nursing home residents a new congressional push for a national testing plan related to the coronavirus I'm Mitchell Miller today on the hill a decline in vaccinations for children raises concerns among health officials I'm Lisa Howell mixed on Wall Street the Dow is down seventy five the nasdaq up sixty two and the S. and P. two it's twelve thirty CBS news update a special prosecutor's been named in the case of Ahmad armory the twenty five year old black man shot and killed while jogging last winter in Georgia two white men father and son the McMichael's were charged last week CBS's Omar Villafranca Travis was charged with murder and aggravated assault Gregory was charged with party to murder and aggravated assault in the February twenty third confrontation they both claim self defense the third man William Roddy Brian videotaped the confrontation his attorney tells W. J. A. X. TV evidence says that there was no communication between radi and in the Michaels or anybody else prior to that shooting Brian's fiancee says the emergence of the video was made him the target of threats turned our lives upside down the phone calls starting at three AM the we're coming for your coming for your breeze family says Brian should face charges CBS news update of Steve K. for new at this hour the White House now recommending corona virus testing of more than a million nursing home residents and staff over the next two weeks sources say details are being discussed on a call with vice president pence and governors it comes after the Wall Street journal reported that federal health regulators were developing guidelines for re opening nursing homes proposing steps that would allow visitors to return to facilities that have been hit hard by the pandemic there are concerns among industry leaders and infection control experts who say that moving too fast to reopen these facilities could increase the risk for frail and elderly residents we will bring you more on this information as it develops the heads of the FDA and the CDC are now working remotely on the response to the corona virus given recent contacts to an aide to vice president pence who recently tested positive here CBS news White House correspondent Steven Portnoy with proof the viruses reached inside the gates even as tests are routinely administered there's increasing concern about the risk of spreading the west wing at least three members of the coronavirus task force including Dr Anthony Fauci are now self isolating but Dr Debra birch was spotted on the White House grounds today we've been given no indication the president or vice president are isolating or wearing masks Saturday the head of the National Guard tested positive for covert nineteen just hours before he was supposed to meet with president trump meantime Republican Tennessee senator Lamar Alexander is isolating after one of his staff members tested positive Alexander will chair Senate health committee hearing tomorrow on video members of Congress are pushing for a national testing plan for covert nineteen in the latest legislation under consideration WTOP's Mitchell Miller with more on that today on the hill the numbers are large but we can't forget that each one is a tragedy Virginia senator Tim Kaine noting he knows several people who have died from covert nineteen in the house a new proposal calls for spending two hundred and fifty billion dollars on testing and contact tracing for front line workers the house is currently putting together a wide ranging piece of legislation and it remains unclear how much will go toward testing at a recent hearing came cited south Korea's success at limiting deaths from the virus and he questioned the director of NIH Dr Francis Collins about that I'm assuming it has something to do with testing they did figure out how to do does the distancing thing and the testing thing with great speed and repeatedly on Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTOP news coming up next year opinions getting ready for a return to some normalcy it's twelve thirty five your favorite things feel made for you your education should tell university of Maryland global campus formerly university of Maryland University College was made to serve the military.

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