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Federal appeals court to uphold the conviction and death sentence of boston marathon bomber joe heiser naive so naive as appealing saying it was impossible for him to find a fair jury in boston prosecutors are urging the circuit court of appeals to reject that claim the union of concerned scientists has issued an air quality report that says chinatown has the worst air quality in all of massachusetts the reason so much traffic boston city councillor ed flynn says he's concerned with right on top of the mass pike the highway system the t._a. the the south station buses and trains actor kevin spacey now faces a civil suit in connection with the criminal charges against him the young man who accused spacey of groping him at an an tuck it bar is asking for monetary damages for emotional distress well if you have sixty five million dollars lying around jackie o's martha's vineyard home is up for sale the sixty four hundred square foot home includes a four bedroom guesthouse a pool and a tennis court not to mention the three hundred forty acres and the mile long private beach suzanne sauce ville w._b._z. boston's newsradio hey dan who's that dentist you go to practices oral conscious sedation yeah you're thinking about dr mark are turn or of taunton i've got such high anxiety about having dental work done and i love the idea of not feeling anything or remembering i was there before i started seeing my used to have to go to my old dentist all the time multiple painful visits now with dr turner most procedures take one trip in my executive is gone do you know if he does dental implants you sure does i lost a tooth and i heard that an implant would be an excellent way to replace it you did a few dental implants for my brother and he used his new serik machine he finished in one visit the work that takes other dentists multiple visits to do you should call dr mark are turner for an appointment for more information about oral conscious dacian and dental implants call dr mark turner of taunton five eight eight two to ninety three eighty seven five eight eight two to ninety three eighty seven online at mark are turner d._d._s. dot com where the r..

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