Felton, Governor Jay Inslee, Jenny Durkan discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


Felton says, is not looking as promising as hope. So not good air out there this morning again, and unfortunately, this next weather system that was coming into the area is weakening faster than I first anticipated. The weekend, several cities in Oregon recorded air quality levels that were the worst in the world. Now. The Air Index for most of Washington this morning shows us in either the very unhealthy range some parts in hazardous. Felton says, even though it doesn't look or perhaps smell as bad as a few days ago. The air has not really improved much at all, and we should stay inside. That's everybody. Not just the people with respiratory problems should stay inside and possible real change, he says. For the next 5 to 6 days in air quality Carleen Johnson come Oh news parks in the city of Seattle or closed again today because of the poor air quality. Mayor Jenny Durkan shut them down on Friday, and her order also still effects play fields, beaches and boat ramps. The summer great fire in the Bonny Lake area. There's about 65% contained Now. Firefighters say it's scorched fewer acres than originally thought. It's burned 494 acres instead of 800. This woman was evacuated last week. What was allowed to go home Friday night. We've been through earthquakes. We never thought that we would live through a forest fire. It just never occurred to us. We've never thought about 50 Mile an hour winds smoke fire evacuation. Never even thought about fire destroyed eight buildings, including two homes. The massive fire in Okanogan County is now 50% contained more than 188,000 acres have burned, but firefighters say they made significant progress yesterday. A one year old rent and baby died in that fire, and his parents were badly burned. Over the weekend, Governor Jay Inslee spoke to a national audience about the fires here Now on this week with George Stephanopoulos governor chain immensely, says the devastating fires.

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