Mitch Mcconnell, Donald Trump, Randi Weingarten discussed on NBC Meet the Press


This sunday covert fallout vaccination frustration refresh refresh. And then you have to go back through the form again and again. Those new variants continued spread variance. More chances could jeopardize migrants and getting kids back to school. You think to say that you're not gonna open up screws into every single one of the teachers get vaccinated. I guess this morning. Dr anthony thou- and teachers union president randi weingarten also the trouble in texas. We need how pop. Wow on the pike screen blackouts water shortage freezing temperature and the hot debate over how everything went so wrong to state. Prepare for the worst case scenario. Now we're paying the price. Plus the republican civil war days after mitch mcconnell's broadside against donald trump. President trump is practically and morally responsible for the the former president strikes. Back with a little help from his friend. Travelers the most consequential republican party it. Mitch mcconnell understand that. He's i'll talk to former texas. Congressman will heard about the rift and his party and on the catastrophe in texas joining me for insight and analysis are nbc news. Chief white house correspondent kristen. Welker democratic pollster cornell belcher susan page washington bureau chief of usa today and former republican governor of north carolina pat mccrory. Welcome to sunday. It's meet the press from news in washington the longest running show in television history. This is meet the press with chuck. Todd well.

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