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E X. Hey and welcome back heaven Desi with us as we talk about the latest work. Edgar Casey on angels and the Djelic forces. Let's get into this book. Kevin. And it's a dandy to be sure how did Casey. Begin to even talk about angels in his ratings. Well, he often assured people when they were having challenges in life or they were having problems or they didn't know where to turn that each and every one of us had a guardian angel and that the end Djelic forces were very much interested in helping us succeed that you know, somehow the overreaching goal is that all of us are how to bring a spirit into the earth and just to digress for a second unusual as that may sound, you know, there have been a number of other personalities throughout the. History and even through the twentieth century, the talked about guardian angels, perhaps one of the most famous Padre Pio who was a Catholic priest mystic. He used to tell people to pray and to send him their guardian angel and that he would know they were sick. And and he bled the stigmata, right? He his his hands. Document he actually passed away in nineteen sixty eight so, but his superiors in the church became so frustrated with talking about angels and thinking he was you know, somewhat crazy that one of his superiors wrote a letter to him in Greek when he was in a room with this guy, and he didn't understand Greek and the severe basically saying, yes, you're so in touch with angels asked him what it what it means. So he asked his guardian angel or read it to him, and he did and he responded back with the letter was saying in Greek. So it's it started with him really in the twentieth century. And then flower Newhouse who founded an organization called quest haven in San Diego. She talked a lot about how each of us has guardian. Angels not only each of us. But the countries have guardian angels. And she described how the angel for the United States actually soars over the Lincoln Memorial in DC, and at every country has a guardian which is an interesting idea that somehow spirit is supportive of. Of all of us, and we get so caught up in God's on my side and not your side. And in fact, the truth is the divine would work through all humankind kind pick that up as well saying that we all have a guardian angel and that that guardian angels very supportive of us. And then he had experiences with angels, and he described and encounters in the bible gave additional insights into them that were forgotten by history and taking together. It just makes an intermediary. Interesting. Overview of how spirit has been with us from the very beginning. And would help us continue on our path unwanted Kate on one occasion in nineteen twenty six he was giving a reading for Morton Blumenthal, who was a Jewish businessman. He built the Casey hospital actually had more readings than anybody else. He had four hundred sixty eight readings and six and a half years and they're asleep on the couch all at once Casey's. Voice deepened became very powerful. According to Gladys who took the knows it was like, a booming voice in the room and all at once a voice who identified himself as the archangel Michael started. Speaking through said that much of the work that Casey was doing what's to help humankind on his path and the reading the readings themselves suggests that the work of the case material would eventually change the side of humankind. And I think that certainly has happened in terms of the new age movement new thought people having a new sense of what spirit is really all about. No he started talking about fallen angels in some of his trance states or readings. What was that all about? Well, he has a very different perspective on what some people might refer to the devil or hell or fallen angels. And really the idea was, you know, so much of all the major religions of the world really talk about one God that there's this one. God. And yet so much of religious thought is more dualistic where there's these equal and opposing forces of good and evil. That is not Casey's perspective Casey's perspective was that. Once God turned us loose on the universes souls. We started working with own free will and eventually we started choosing things that were out of accord with spirit, you might say things that were evil or things that were selfish. And it was at that point that a group of angels committed and said, you know, what we will usher in this fallen humankind group. No matter how long it takes. We'll make sure they only get into so much trouble. And so from Casey's perspective the fallen angels. But some religious people might call the devil's actually chose of their own free will to usher in humankind. They got off the past. And so we created evil. In other words, it wasn't that there's a devil trying to make us do bad things is that once humankind started doing things out of a coach. Sort of spirit the Anjelica realm said, okay, we will follow after them to make sure they don't do get into so many bad perspectives. Did he deal at all with the much with the anti Christ? He he talked about the anti Christ. And I've actually given ho workshops on the book of revelation and lots of people are really in fact for eleven years he gave readings on the book of revelation. And when I tell people that ended up book of revelation, the word antichrist's is not mentioned there's no word antichrist's in the revelation. It's only used in the pistols of John. And basically the word is in reference to someone who does not believe that Jesus is the messiah he's anti Christ is not about about some worldwide nemesis, Casey said that the book of revelation is really about it was John on the Pat most he was having a visionary experience. And Casey suggested it was really about how John's higher and lower self were at war with one another. Other. And it's the is the experience we all go through when we're in in life that somehow is my selfishness going to win out or is my higher self going to win out and all through the revelation. You have the imagery of seven seven churches seven candlesticks seven angels and the region suggested that that those seven that number seven is tied to the seven consists in the body seven centers, and that the whole book of revelation is really about our own transformational process to become a divine light being in the earth. Which is what happened to John? It's not about a worldwide power. That's going to somehow take over the globe. It's about us warring within ourselves to become the person who really meant to be this moment when archangel Michael Cain through on these readings anything dramatic. Well, they were a lot of times they came that occurred about twelve times over a period of sixteen years. And it either came at times of encouragement to give Casey encouragement for the work. He was doing or a couple of times times of chess ties meant that. There was one occasion. When a lot of the members of the Casey office staff were kind of warring with other, you know, they get into little petty politics and things like we all do at work sometimes and Michael came through in basically used the expression after yelling at them all that they needed to stop being pigs, and and June, bro who is still alive. She was in the room at that time. She described just how powerful that voice was and how essentially a shame. They felt after that encounter that somehow they had been put on this been given this work to help humankind had somehow gotten off the track. But in addition to Michael there was another angel that spoke through who identified himself as Hillel and. He came through about a dozen times over a period of fourteen months. And in fact, some of the cataclysmic earth change readings that people talk about we're actually one of the reading says something like the early portion we'll see a change in the physical aspect of the west coast of America Europe will changes in the twinkling of an eye the greater portion of Japan must fall into the sea. And Hello, you'll said all this was going to happen around nineteen thirty four to thirty six. Well, Helio was the archangel of karma. And there's there's always going to be a better approach to our lessons than karma. Casey would save grace consumer see karma anytime. So yes, we oftentimes encounter own karma. But I think there's oftentimes a better way. Now was there anything that? He did where he was shocked or upset about that. The people were able to ask for tain. The Amine people found out information to bothered him. That just really scared him at first the idea of reincarnation kind of scared him. I think another thing that probably bothers him early on was the readings talk about Jesus had past lives in in fact, mentioned a number of them. I think just things that challenged his worldview belief system over the years, but over the years as as grew and matured, it became very much a part of his life. And in fact, he and his wife had had a child who died in between the youngest and eldest son and about ten years later conscious Casey recognize that child as a new child for another family. They came to head in reincarnated in the same circle, and he was able to reassure himself that yes, in fact, there is reincarnation must have made him feel better. It made him feel a lot better. And then more and more often as he got older, and I'm sure you know, this he had waking psychic experiences. So it was was no longer just limited to him being asleep on the couch might he be reincarnated today in some human. There are so many people who claim to either being communication with Edgar Casey or be the reincarnation of Agra, Casey. We have a formula for it. But there I have spoken to many of these people and I have yet to encounter. Anyone who I think is in fact AKC you've heard of David Wilcock, right? David for years. I've spoken to him. I've told him around he was in Virginia Beach for about six months when David was around. Edgar Evans, Egger Casey's youngest son was still alive. I introduced him to many people, and I am convinced David has psychic talent. But I'm just as convinced that he is not education in Winfrey. Of course was the one who wrote that book originally about David being the reincarnate. Edgar Casey, right? Correct. But and it's not just David. There's lots of people who have experienced this thinking that they had the same kind of knows. Then they have the same receding hairline. Yeah. They do. They do. David. I'm sure David's not too happy about that part. There's a an interesting corollary when education was alive. There was a man who claim to have memories of being president James a Garfield who was an early president of the United States. He is not well known was assassinated, he was assassinated. Yeah. And he remembered being president James Garfield, and he had gone to another psychic and the psychic told him. Yes. He had been James a Garfield. He came to education in Casey told him he had not been James a Garfield that he'd been a close friend of Garfield and had so appreciated the man that that was what he was really resonating too. And I think lots of times people who haven't experienced thinking day where Edgar Casey has a close affinity with either educate sees work or a past history with demand. But I think when he comes back he's not going to say, you know, I want my area membership back. He's going to have a new work, and then you purpose, and it's gonna be very different than his purposes. Educating with his work on angels. Did he feel? Feel as if these angels were here to help mankind specifically he felt like that we're here to help mankind really become aware of its spiritual origins, and he felt like that they were ever present. And not only do we have guardian. Angels that stay with us for our whole lifetime. But that some of these guardian angels, actually, stay with us for all eternity. In fact, the number of people who had readings talked about the fact that a one woman had heard a name in her when she was going to sleep in case, you told her that that was actually the name of regarding angel and that that angel had been with her for two thousand years. And so I think we have guardian angels. We have also have angels who are very much concerned about a particular work. So let's say that we come in..

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