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Have reported Iraq's on lake creek Parkway at six twenty and swell as wells branch Parkway at FM eighteen twenty five and Melinda. Bryant with traffic and alive. Look at your kale. BJ radar weather watch with staff meteorologist Bob Larsen. It was Harry last night. But nice now. Terribly was the front that triggered his nasty storms push through and behind that front. Windy, cooler weather today, lower humidity means that it'd be cooler today. The wind diminishing turning clear we dropped a low of fifty four nights day coming up tomorrow, sunny, high seventy seven then clear and cool tomorrow night, low forty nine or be warmer this weekend sunny on Saturday, eighty three from the weather center. This is a urologist bottlers got mostly cloudy skies, seventy one lake line mall. Now, get Austin news on demand at newsradiokkob E, J dot com. You're listening to Jeff add on NewsRadio KLBJ five ninety AM and ninety nine point seven FM. Newsradio kale? BJ five ninety AM and ninety nine point seven FM presents the Jeff Ward, Ed Clinton show. Hour number two of our little show surprise here. Dislike every other list that comes out that's mostly good by those of us who live here. Sometimes interpreters bad CBS reports Austin round rock on the fastest.

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