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It's we had to learn and learn fast. And so my mentor who was a brilliant businessman. He jumped just like you coach people an opportunity was put in front of him to go back into the auto racing industry. He was retired racer, and we sold off all of the inventory and. I was studying computers in college, and he had an entire organization of people who were proficient with grace cars and chassis setup and all the stuff, but none of them had ever seen a computer. So when he ordered all of his new equipment, transforming the business into a racing enterprise all of the equipment came, and it was all computerized. And I was the only person in his organization that it ever seen a computer. So it became a perfect marriage of skills. I became an expert at the internal combustion engine. And then you know, it was all from there. So, you know, I mean, that's quite a story. But again, it goes back to when a big box store comes into your area. I know the little tiny boutique type of businesses almost always panic and unless they do something really really different or. Unusual. They're left behind. So what are some of the obstacles you overcame in business as a woman in a male dominated industry? It's a great question Gail. So when the some first of all when this new mass merchandiser came in and the new type repair shops came in that were a bit on ethical. We were faced with having a. Store. Foale auto parts, and I was able to force through negotiating skills. I was.

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