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At Side Splitters in Tampa Wednesday night, February 24th, and at the bulk of Black Box in Lake Park and in Boca Raton the 26th or 27th get your tickets now get your covid-19. Please tell me you're getting a shot down there at least while you're in Florida, you know vaccines shop use your you know, you know use your status or something. If you one of these manipulative assholes who get their shot early. Yeah, I'm the guy, you know being on the plan and Dude Where's My Car? That's right. Yeah here, you know in Vegas in Clark County jail and in Nevada, they're starting to do walk-ups because they were losing five hundred doses a day because of people who won't gay it won't get it. So they're starting at sixty five year olds and they've expanded it is a couple of Life can there's you know, a lot of people Remnant shopping they show up late in the day. So we're going to go for that. Well, I can't wait till they get some to the forty-seven-year-old so I can get my shot off. Right? Well, I'm older than you so I would I would get cleared first. I guess, you know the fifty year olds. That's true. The fifty year olds are going to get it first. So la ti. So but dead. Update for like just inviting me on man. I got a I got a clear out of here to I got to go back to shooting wait. You want to see my dear this is this will be our one moment of like leash nerding out my God. Look at that. Look at that beauty. Oh, wow. Is that the is that the PF the black magic? It's a Blackmagic pocket. Cinema. This is the this is the this is what sexy liberal stuff on cool. Yeah, so it's a good time but I'm shooting background stuff for like behind-the-scenes stuff from my girlfriend's project. Just curious. How much is that camera go for a walk. So expensive it's to Grant like as they go to bag of shells. Well. No, I mean as like for a regular Cinema Camera, you're talking like a red, which it is the equivalent of this the Red Cap cost $10,000 with no lens. I know I know a friend one had one. Yeah, exactly. So this one was this one wasn't even know. This is yeah. It was like I got it for $16.99 off. Well, and then the rig I got for Christmas, this was my because I'd gotten it. This is everybody chipped in and got me the the thing that holds it and then the lens I had forever used to put my old camera. So I got a bunch of got it I got this because it matches all my lenses so I didn't have to buy a new lenses and then it runs everything on a hard drive. So it types out of it. I mean, it looks like a cyborg. I want this attached to my face off. I want to live like this is my head exterminate resistance is I'll tell you my sisters in the chat room. Now, she's off love house. He says I do what I can to keep the ladies entertained. It's true. I didn't even get to fluff my hair out. So it's all curled up from getting wet and then I moved out of the house is just and it's so windy here and just don't know what to do with my locks. It's so I'm getting out here. I'll see cheers. Thanks, man. I'll see you later coming on home. The great house marks what up getting show today God Craig Unger and Halperin and then house Sparks. Come on people. Don't forget to donate through PayPal. And if you're in Florida, please come see me at the at Side Splitters in Tampa on the 24th, and and then I'll be at The bulk of Black Box in Lake Park and booklet on Friday and Saturday night, February 26th and 27th. Thank you Kip Andersen off great show John. Thanks James. And the I I I just you know, this is one of my favorite shows ever. So I hope you guys enjoyed it off. I do want to thank the tireless work of Nicki be and Sean hockey count of 25 who really really do their best to not only help me to help all you to, you know to moderate these shows and I couldn't have A better team that's behind me and I can't thank them both enough. I love you. Niki B. I love you Sean. So tune in I'll be broadcasting from Florida on Tuesday at to do my call to His Radio Show in the morning and then I'll be broadcasting at the same California time. It'll be it'll be noon. T on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday, but that'll be 3:00 for me on the east coast in Florida. If you guys are in Texas, I wish you well. I hope you are safe and healthy and warm and and that's about it. I'm trying to think of anything else like that wash say Leo, please become a patreon member at patreon, Stuttering John and Next week. I'm going to do a ten-minute show only for YouTube members and then another 10 minutes show off for patreon members to give each and update on what's going on. All right, so the ten minutes show for YouTube members and a 10-minute show for patreon member is and that'll be next week. So that's it everybody. I hope you had a great time during the show again. Please become a patreon member important. We had a great patreon show with comedian Eddie ifft. And yes. Yes, it's true. The mother of North marriage has gone South. All right everybody. This is Stuttering John saying Kia. I'll see you all next week from Sunny South, Florida..

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