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In cleveland just execute early sooner which would have felt my group center it's in the mass right now maximum rockies couldn't do much against arizona lefty patrick corbin who gave up two runs in five and two thirds struck out eight manager bud black slider tonight i think that was the key for him you know the good breaking pitching went to it went to it often but the slider had good depth to it i kept it down out of the hand it looks like a strike dj lemay hugh nolan arnaldo each hit a solo home run for the rockies jake lamb drove in four for game two tonight tyler anderson versus robbie ray our coverage begins at seven the avalanche has five games left truck colorado trails saint louis and anaheim by a point in the wild card race as head coach jared bednarz says they know what's on the line you know it's you know we were out for a while back in out again and the only time it matters whether you out is next saturday or sunday whenever the season ends abso chicago tonight face off at seven on altitude big road games coming up against la against anaheim against san jose and then the regular season finale at home against saint louis still a lot of hockey to be played nuggets at oklahoma city that one gets going at six on a tude nc double a women's semi finals tonight in columbus as the final four hits the mid west mississippi state against louisville and yukon goes against notre dame huskies head coach geno auriemma gets right to the bottom line at the time you.

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