Facebook, John Edwards, Alaska Airlines discussed on AP 24 Hour News


Sports history. I'm Jack schmierer listening to ribbon. U? S airlines are getting better at handling customers issues. AP's met small has more on an annual airline quality survey his landed at the top of a long running study that ranks US airlines by hell often flights arrive on time and other stats. Adjust released report by academics at Wichita state university and Embry riddle aeronautical university used the government data to conduct the research. And as a whole US airlines are getting better at handling baggage overcrowded flights there, even receiving fewer complaints from travelers JetBlue moves into second. We're delta was last year followed by south west and last year's winner. Alaska Airlines discount carrier frontier ranks last just behind American Matt small Washington. Facebook is morally bankrupt. According to New Zealand's official privacy watchdog privacy Commissioner John Edwards wants his country to follow Australia's lead by making laws that would put executives in jail over streaming violence live on the social media platform Edwards made his comments after Facebook. Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg rejected the idea of putting the livestream service on a delay. Facebook responded to Edwards that the company strengthening the rules for using Facebook live addressing hate on Facebook platforms and supporting the New Zealand community, the new laws that are in Australia that Edwards wants to see in New Zealand include making it illegal for social media platforms. Not quickly remove abhorrent, violent material. The crime would be punishable by three years in prison and a fine of seven point five million dollars or ten percent of the platforms annual turnover. Whichever is larger..

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