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Women detailing congratulations on your new series thank you so much for coming back to fresher i'll think you i it's been such a fun time thank you for having me mindy caling speaking to terry gross in 2012 her hulu sitcom the mindy project completed its sixth and final season earlier this week after a break we'll remember liz smith the longrunning gossip columnist who died this week at age ninety four and film critic justin chang will review mud bound a new movie released by netflixing i'm david being coolly and this is fresh air you ever find yourself in a conversation about race in identity where you just get stuck npr's codes which podcast could help i'm gene debbie post which is a podcast the helps us understand how waste an identity crashing everything else in our lives including how a diverse in creative generation of writers and actors is forging new paths find coach which on the mpr one app and wherever you listen to podcast this is fresh air i'm david biehn coolly in for terry gross liz smith one of america's most famous and enduring gossip columnist died this week she was 94 we're going to replay part of an interview she conducted with terry back in two thousand but first we'll put her particular approached agus up in context she was a more benign less aggressive and destructive presence on the gossip pages a stark contrast to what came after her on the internet and on television but she also was nicer in her approach than those who came before her here's a clip from what is still regarded as the best movie about the gossip columnist business the 1950 sevenfilm the sweet smell of success burt lancaster plays a ruthless gossip columnist tony curtis is a press agent who will do anything to get his clients into the column in this seen the colonist and the press agent or talking at a restaurant when they are interrupted by a man with a question may i ask you a naive question was tomorrow.

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