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Barton occurred C. Chicago's progressive talk eight twenty eight AM W. C. P. T. willow springs and online at W. C. P. T. twenty dot com where facts matter actions from presidency reveals his sire more fat the trail of office national security the intent to for actual impeachment inquiry you're listening to W. C. T. C. H. twenty because facts matter back on the beach with this is a president who says he hates corruption I'm against corrupt I've only turned over control allegedly turned over control of my properties to my son seems to violate the constitution one of the allegedly one of the most corrupt presidents in American history is against corruption by the by back on the beach with today Saturday's one to four PM on WC PT twenty channeling citing it's real a real condition of real emotion and crippling for many sometimes it's the noise the white coat the side of the needle the cost of chassis idea attention P. the fierce Stephenson paralyzes so much that you'd rather suffer with a toothache or an abscess and simply treat the problem this is doctor in a palette from total downstream palatine and we see the aftermath of Donnelly anxiety every day that's a total dentistry we have made it our mission I promise.

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