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Four forty three degrees downtown at the arch the full forecast at ten six. I a couple of traffic notes looking at an accident sixty four westbound at route k taking up the two left lanes at this time. Also getting reports of a stalled vehicle to seventy eastbound just past Lindbergh, a judge has tossed out a lawsuit filed by the Saint Louis police officers association that sought to block names of the more than two dozen officers placed on an exclusion list by the city's top prosecutor over credibility concerns, Circuit Judge Michael seltzer issued the ruling after a state appeals court earlier in the day said the union lawsuit was patently insufficient. Circuit attorney Ken Gardner in August, drew up a list of officers who won't be permitted his primary. Witnesses in criminal cases. She hasn't said specifically what prompted that list, Missouri. Lawmakers blasted the state's revenue director today for not doing enough to inform people that their state tax refunds will be smaller. This year house government oversight committee chair. Robert Ross was blunt with the state's top tax collector about the impact for some zuri who suddenly discovered they'll have lower tax refunds to pay their bills. They don't have the stability in a lot of cases, you're going to have people that have not accounted had not made preparations to write this check. In response. The state's revenue department director told the committee. They tried to get Missourians a heads up that their tax refunds could be lower. Even thirteen axe burden remain the same from the state capital. Phil Brooks NewsRadio eleven twenty care Molex. A former Olympian village Missouri alderman has been sentenced to more than a year in prison for wire fraud. Gary actually was an alderman of the town of about seven hundred people in Jefferson County from two thousand eight to two thousand sixteen during that time he embezzled roughly one hundred eighty seven thousand dollars all used for his own personal expenses actually must serve fifteen months in prison and pay back all the money he stole.

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