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Thanks, and he got the yes vote unanimously and a standing ovation. All right, Then we moved to number two. A new four story ride with three separate water slides will open Saturday at six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Arlington. The Bonzai pipeline has two enclosed tubes and one open air slide. Shooting writers down 300 FT. According to a press release from six flags slides that colorful fiberglass tubes and the longest of the three slides features stroke like visual effects. A minimum height of 40 inches is required to ride the bonds, I which the company said makes it an excellent right for families and thrill seekers alike. The Bonzai pipeline is the park's biggest edition since 2014. Which is true. They've done squat out there so good for them Club. They got something new. And then we go to our top story. The Texas Tribune reporting Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick once Governor, Greg Abbott to call a special session of the Texas Legislature next month to advance three pieces of GOP backed legislation that died in the Texas House at midnight last night. The bill sought to ban transgender students from playing on sports teams based on their gender identity, rather than their actual gender, based on their sexual organs, prohibit local governments from using taxpayer funds to pay for lobbyists and punish social media companies for censoring Texans based on their political viewpoints. In a statement, have it said the call was premature. Instead, he urged lawmakers to work together to get important legislation to my desk Now, Patrick said the bills and question of widespread support The Texas Constitution grants the governor the power to call that special session. On extraordinary occasions During these periods, the lawmaker can only consider specific subjects designated in the governor's proclamation. Lawmakers already expected to return to Austin for a session later this fall. They'll be redrawing Texas political maps. That will be the circus will be talking about at the time. I'm sure a process known as redistricting that occurs every 10 years following the census and Texas, of course, picking up a seat. All right. So there you have it. Your five and five. I want to get back to the cove ID a ridge Origin investigation. That's a little developments in there. And once again, if you apply a little common sense, we're starting to get a much clearer picture. Of where the start and it's important if you know where it started. Maybe you know how to avoid it next time. So that's coming up right now. Let's go to Bill Jackson and see what traffic looks like on the freeways on 5 70 Cliff. It's sponsored by Rocket mortgage in Garland on 6 35 westbound at Miller Road and an accident blocks the right lane. That means delays there and likely both directions. For some timeto, Let's move. Near the high 5 75 something approaching 6 35 a collision as reported blocking the H O V lane in Great by north of the FW Airport on 1 21 International Parkway South on approaching 1 14. It's an accident that's backed up the bass pro. Dr. Also back dumped onto the ramp from West Bond 6 35 headed South Fort Worth on I 20 East funded Old Grove, Iraq, blocks the left lane and stop and go from Hampton to get rather from my Hemphill to get past that one. Get personalized loan options, closing costs and tax estimates. All in real time when you need your mortgage to fit your family and budget rocket can when you want the ability to adjust your loan options in real time Rocket can rocket mortgage with Kayla have traffic? I'm.

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