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But they seem to be stifling a whole lot it is and it's also potential stifling innovation. Y'all course and it is something that i do believe that. Eu has gone overboard on issues but some of them are legit however this new Threat to them a threat from the eu to company. Looks fishy like facebook and apple. and google Be really interesting. And we're watching that closely and backed could come to a head sometime in twenty twenty one. The next thing i bring out. Is this new. This whole cybersecurity breach came out of the social win. What are the go. So windsor fire. Anyway the the most recent one where it looks like russians have attacked Known only tech companies but government agencies etc and. I pointed out that you know robert hackett. In his data she called predicts a digital pandemic next year with potential gigantic security breaches of of of what we don't even know at this point and Given the fact that it does appear that. This came from russia We know that. Russia has multiple multiple motives to try to sew discord and problems in the us as they have for decades sure and now they have a new weapon with this type of cyber security breach so you sing possible a pandemic this year in two thousand and twenty one now of of tech which is kind of challenging and scary enough itself although people are saying well that's better than the pandemic we've been dealing with this for the past year but it's not good for even us as consumers that can't be a good thing because we don't we don't know how deep they have been able to penetrate things for example such as our electric grid imagine if they if if part of this region security allowed russia to take control of our electric grid and we would be out certain parts of the country could be out of our for weeks. Let's say you're talking about a totally different type of and that's why Robert half can afford it and uses term digital pandemic. because we just don't know how large the cyber attack he's putting. How gotten so. I consider that a very big concern for twenty twenty one. Oh for sure. and what. We don't know Scare us even more. Because who knows how many cyber attacks whether it be from russia or domestically or from china what are iran whatever. How many have been stopped up to this point and you know we don't talk of course a lot about those things because most companies power grids or governments don't want you to know in many cases they were able to stop something because then you know it's better left unsaid. I guess yeah we're on the job. We're secure. Everything's okay but you you bring up a good point between the power grid let alone we all personally worry about banking and right get into financial market. Yeah she i mean it is scary when you talk about what can happen and now then people. I'm i'm assuming a lot of our audience. Listening to now is saying well. Who's responsible for that. It's at the government is the private companies that are banks should be protecting us. And i guess it's all of the.

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