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Dot com. They say the results of magnesium on the mood can be dramatic. So this is really, really big When you think about sleep. I like to think about melatonin. We know that magnesium is crucial for healthy, dreaming, healthy sleep and sleep quality. I don't want to go through the whole alphabet J was using that more is just a metaphor for how Big The suite of benefits is that magnesium impacts? Well, it's incredible. And we've been talking about this for years that when you are missing out on certain vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, your body just doesn't function properly. And you don't feel right. And there really is something in every letter of the alphabet here. You know, it's really interesting. I had no idea that magnesium was involved in melatonin production. Uh, melatonin is very popular for our customers. It real. Helps them sleep better. So that is a huge benefit. But you're only up to D and you've listed like nine different benefits of magnesium. Why don't we? Uh why don't we just go to eat? Because I can't wait to hear what you could have come up. What is he Let me guess. Energy. Well, you got that right energy when we think about energy and magnesium, of course, as crucial as CO Q 10 is for energy production. Magnesium is right there. Health line reports. Magnesium is responsible for 600 biochemical reactions in the body. But we've talked about energy and magnesium. When you do the research for the You also find exercise performance. This is what really struck me as a surprise. In one study in 2014 J. They looked at this is in sports science. Volleyball players who took 350 mg of magnesium per day boosted their ability to jump and it enhanced their arms swinging movements. Of course, this is in volleyball. So I'm thinking maybe they were measuring serve speed or things like that. But By the way, these were people who didn't even have a magnesium deficiency. These were healthy, You know, athletes, So these are absolutely crucial findings and again helps to build that case that magnesium maybe the most important mineral that's missing in your diet. Even if you have a subclinical deficiency, the results can be pervasive. So it's time for us to do something about it. And that's what today's show is all about. So so let me ask for people who are listening. And you know, we always recommend the first option is get your vitamins and minerals and your key nutrients from your foods from your diet. But obviously you can't always do that. That's where nutritional supplements, uh, come into play and you know, it seems like it's virtually impossible to get enough magnesium in your diet, even if you were trying No doubt about it. When you look at the list of foods that you would have to eat to have healthy levels of magnesium, and perhaps some people can pull this off. But you're talking about the green leafy vegetables boiled spinach, Swiss chard among beans. You know how many among means did you get this week? Right chickpeas? So these are kind of odd ingredients to load up on on a regular basis. And if you got him this week, did you Are you going to get them next week, but not only that people take certain Drugs or, uh, the proton pump inhibitors. There are others, uh, antacids. If you drink too much coffee, and this will actually deplete your body of magnesium, making your shortage even worse. It's an absolute fact. Some of those key ingredients that we enjoy every day they'd even have some side benefits like coffee. For some reason, deplete the body of magnesium levels, right. And like you said those and acids. Um, you know, if you need to take it, you need to manage your magnesium level. So getting a dietary supplement that gets magnesium right? That's also been elusive for so many people, right and and and I think now is a great time to bring up our new supplement. We call it Mag Blue. They are probably the most beautiful tablets we've ever had a purity products. There's a special technology, according to Technology that makes these very, very easy to swallow. I'm sure you'll get into that. So why don't you? Why don't you be the one to tell us about Mag Blue? Tell the audience about it at its core J. The idea behind Mag Blue is let's do something with magnesium that's never been done before. I mean, if you want to run out and get cheap, magnesium, the magnesium carbonates in the sulfates there 4% efficient. So you wind up taking massive amounts four or five big giant whopper pills to get a few 100 mg of magnesium. That's like the old technology, the magnesium biss Klis innate buffered Keeley, which is the latest technology is four times more efficient. So you have much smaller tablets. We like that idea because our customers when we do this service, they're like, Don't give me those big tablets. I want the smaller ones. We added this slippery tech coding, which is a slippery technology to these beautiful blue tablets so that they go down faster and smoother than any tablet in the industry. But At its core. What makes Mag Blue unique is sure it has the 350 mg of this elite, magnesium and sure it's in these beautiful blue small tablets. But we added vitamin D 2000 units, we added a little bit of zinc and boron and these blueberries Jason Yeah, Channel I love these Tell everyone about these organic blueberries. That we source from northern Canada. Talk about the Bears for a second. I understand. There are some issues with bears up there too sometimes J what we do to get these blueberries you would not believe. I mean, they come from way up north in Canada, the winters there. They are brutal. It's so harsh. These conditions that are wild organic blueberries up there. They need to create their own antioxidant defense. And they are literally bursting with antioxidant power. And yes, there are bears up there. They love the blueberries, too. So we got to be a little careful. But people love blueberries because they're so great for the brain. We actually call them brain Berries. And when you use Mag Blue, you've got these blueberries. They're 200%. More potent than regular blueberries in terms of their antioxidant power. That's why we call this formula Mag Blue because of the super potent blueberries that are in here and every time You take Mag blue. You get these benefits and you.

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