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Like prepare your people like amazingly because you guys have helped like so many people like there's not even a number you can put on it so i know that you guys do that like what does that look like do you have to train for like years is it like you'd become like a therapist like what is it not years and you don't have to be therapists you don't have to have any background in mental health although that can be a plus you just have to be someone who is able to listen to people and is able to follow our protocols for how to provide help so i mean what is that tactically look like it's different depending on each program but on our lifeline our phone lifeline it's to back to back weekends full day saturday full day sunday for two weekends and then we also have a month after that where you actually listen to other people taking calls than a month after that where you take calls and we monitor your shifts so that you get real indepth support and then after that you start taking calls on your own although of course it's not really on your own because you're in a group of people who are always there providing support when you need it so the groups of people that are appealing these phone calls they always go essentially you don't work from home now our phone lifelines there and call centers because we part of our model we wanna make sure that we're providing support and that if you need to cocounsel you have somewhere that you can turn to for help loves so it's like we take care of the people calling in and we take care of like the staff within so love that story because like mental health goes all over the place it does and the people who are providing health often you need to get support themselves i mean you wanna make sure when you're taking those calls which can be difficult you wanna make sure you have someone who can turn to you and say how was that do you need someone to talk to you do you need a debrief that and that can be really really important helpful as volunteer i can't who i can't imagine like the whole journey of taking a call like as the book the caller and the one fielding the call like because like i learned in one podcast was fantastic and that like our feelings really chemicals in our head right like they're like endorphins and dopamine and like i can't imagine like i feel like i would need like a jasmine tea and like a like a bath like to call my nervous system down because i would imagine it would get very like you know just up here is that part of the academic deescalation or something like is there a q acronym that we work with like when you're learning how to work with people on suicide prevention hotline path or something less cute acronym but but the escalation is right i mean when we were talking to people sometimes they're calling in a really heated moment and they just need someone to talk to i mean that that's one of the i think really fascinating things about working on the lifeline is that oftentimes people just need someone to hear them that they've been through a tough time where no one has acknowledged them no one has listened to who they are and just the act of connecting with someone and you saying here view and you're saying what you're going through and i can hear you're going through a tough time that is so powerful for people and when i started volunteering i wasn't really sure if that was going to work but there's a lot of social science research that shows that it does and i know from taking calls for seventy years that just has a huge impact on people just making just providing space for someone to be heard yes they call you have to do i mean it's not all you have to do but it's one of the important things to make sure that they're heard because especially for lgbtq young people who are in certain parts of the country or in certain families they feel like no one sees them they they're not recognized someone in some cases literally trying to erase their identities so when you can have a conversation and say to a young person there may be people who.

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