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Chris evans in that you get cillian murphy that the hanson scarecrow guy from uh uh uh the easter not when it is larry at twenty th these later he's in that sunshine to very good movie it's got it's got rose burn sunshine onto wanted it takes place in outer space yes i love them movie have you seen it many times is pretty good it's a very very good it has a as free alien egaf very much like an alien meets two thousand one rhind of right right or moon maybe even moonlighting lena my son found moon and watched it and loved it did a mess him up uh he immediately kind of it's kind of a head of gas he guests one of the plot twists a very very early on all all right right uh which disappointed me tremendously by yeah he loved it it still messed with his had enough and uh but he loves it but baby driver he watches it every day now kept watch them how he watches has to violent dan oh he i told you he's the violence dozen phase him that's how only he's a pacifist okay that's good movies are nice we probably won't have to judge i kinda want to get to this followup aren't although it's a little bit long as followup goes on watching it through this quickly add to um two good piece of follow up a listener logan a writes to us on what i'm calling windows as a feature not a bug i'll lose her logan says i just hasn't thoughts on the topics of this came from a topic ddt last week week before something like that were listener red to a saying like hey i can get this totally cherry job right.

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