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Welcome back science enough Super Bowl big game special right time to talk some numbers with sports columnist Victor Matheson now you gotta give us a full explanation because we will see you as an economist. But I guess you'll tightly fall grant as in that. So I don't know about that something call me a sports columnist and and on top of that. I do lots of fun things like, I'm the president of the North American association of sports communists. I edit the journal of sports economics, and I do lots of fun things. Looking at the intersection of sports and economics. So let's talk about the economics of the Super Bowl. You know? It's the biggest cultural event of the year here in America. I mean, it's it's like we have the World Cup every single year. But it's just this one game. And it's become more of a a thing. It's it's become more happening. A thing. It's not really a sporting event. You know, you think about how many people are going to get together on Super Bowl Sunday or the, and and you know, they're going to eat and they're going to watch the game. And they're gonna talk about commercials and all that kind of stuff, but really they're not even football fans. You know, what they're fan of is conviviality, let's get together and have a little party, you know, let's drink. And so is there any data that lets us know what that day, not not as not as a sports team or not as bringing the game to a city, but that day itself what kind of impact is that have on the nation economically. Well, certainly we know for individual products. It's a huge day. For example, it is the single largest day of consumption of coddles in the United States. Gotta have that guacamole for for the big game. So for individual products. Boy, you are really depending on having a good SuperBowl. 'cause it's a long wait for the McConnell growers until next Super Bowl Sunday, avocado Christmas. Chris it's bad day to be a chicken because new digress..

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