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Thank of being uh when linda was only another object came to mind all make it real quick and then i'll be back with a one one quick question so i have and it is worn 1983 white sox winning ugly aitor such a good at such good and then i thought about this wood window was on the phone i abinet not the record it in many indigenous leave is not a forty five of the super bowl shop ole okay hey listen i have an an autographed i'm steve apollini to my aunt or great aunt who was a waitress at the golden ox signed owned the golden odd lane you need bob evellina right that the mortar aga are you a menu another yet you remember the golden ira would that won't be by war and then i had a question i haven't heard anyone asked with what do you think the value is of amid condition feira faucet oester that so many guys add in the '70s i mean i it part of the oil leprince i would have to use would be was on the back door the the beggarly earned her head to put it because you know i had one in their parents their wanted by out in the openside to put down the inside of a closet door that derangement i probably the only point of weapons era air the night and then all along i exyeltsin thanks buddy well thank you men are charged as early as iras winning odd when he got good shirt there there's a bunch from on here their cell for about fifteen to twenty dollars okay the fair foster posters yuzan about the 100hour ranch anything charlie's angels with farah in it does pretty well i i sold a rare denver tv guide poster with her charlie's angels what's fair or by aidid hours her what was the eveline e l that came to tell as especially on the blocks if it was like a signed letter on eveline why can this jobs they got a foot yuck senator let's great and then what was a couple of the other 45 forty five super bowl shuffle yes that the fortyfive is probably only about twenty five dollars if you have the album us like still in the.

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