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Be why women are underwritten in timber movies because timber is clearly terrified of sex. Like, the fact that cutting hair opens the door to women being turned on by him is treated as the scariest thing in the movie. Yes. Yes. Like this film is so uncomfortable about any sort of sexuality. There's also that tension of like, he's cutting their hair, and he's doing it so quickly, and they're mildly turned on by it. But oh, he like I kept thinking like, oh, he's going to hurt the right? Oh, he's going to snap a an ear. The even I feel contract feral someone has a line about like, that's the greatest thrill mine tire shot. I think. Maybe. But that becomes half of the thing is like, okay. He's a hair genius is the Cosso a hair, but be it's also the experiential thing of like, you know, it's it's like Russian roulette, I guess or something like that. He's he it's like it's like getting a close razor shave or whatever right here on the danger or something like it's a very high stakes version of like a trust fall. Sure. Like, the rush comes from the fact that you have to trust that he knows what he's doing. Because like one fall, which is inherently the tension with any hairstyle this, right, right? Cricked crabby a-. We'll be okay on my safe with you. Right. Right. But I also feel like because if it's not okay, it won't be okay. For a while. Right. But also often attention of sex. Yeah. Is this going to be comfortable? Yeah. Emotionally, physically like any of it. Yeah. You know, the movie shampoo. Yes. So good. Shampoo. Bawar beatty. Yeah. Hottie? Well, would you get your hair cut by Warren Beatty in shampoo? Edward scissor realize your hands. Door was hair styles are awesome. The cube. But in the other wars. Yeah. I'd rather just go up to Warren Beatty at a bar and asked him to touch my head. I don't wanna cutting my hair. Will you present that as an option, you warm babies obsessed with volume volume volume, I'm already a puff boy. Volume. I do like that. It is this high speed sort of frantic thing until the Dianne Wiest one which is treated as this vary. Like, this is the now he finally has a way to show his appreciation for what she's done for him and pay her back with the slick very tender percents haircut. Also thing we haven't talked about is. I love the clothes that he's given the suspenders slacks tucked in white shirt. It looked so it is such a cool design Gan, then everything goes wrong at the end, right 'cause come into minute forty even then you still kind of while she's ignoring him. She's got her boyfriend making faces at the dinner as the he's nice and their boyfriends jerk. Right, right. Anti Michael hall. You know wants to steal his dad's TV. Sure his dad like such as slimy. Disgusting. Like like American jock thing to like feel your father, right, right? Right, right. I'm scared of my own. Pointing to the old, man. But he realized it's a smart scam. Though what? Yeah. Your dad's TV, you know, I think that's a good plan and then step to where do you put it? You sell it. So go to a pawnshop, and then he gets the money. I always breaking into his own house is on. Why can you remind why he doesn't have used to his his dad has this special room? It only he has the keys to were all his fancy shit goes because he knows his son is. Like, if this character were a little more self aware he'd relate to Edward in that his right? My gender. Roadhouse, right. He's perceived as dangerous. He can't go around. Nice things. He. Yeah. But this guy said he thinks about. Given rearrange to go anywhere. He wants in that house having Scissorhands when he runs away Arkan's. Just like, hey what over there? I don't know. Walk knows it's a privilege..

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