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Orange County over implementation of sex education that addresses the needs of LGBTQ students a law teach the program went into effect in two thousand sixteen but still has been implemented in some. School, districts Orange County board of education member Ken Williams, tell skin next emotions are running very high good people from both sides everybody's demonizing and boy that. One another and you know we're trying to hold ourselves out is. Professionals and Colegio and trying to have a civil debate and discussion at a public board meetings and everybody's getting very emotional off subject material inboard said to hold a forum. On the issue in September but an attorney with the ACLU says steeply concerning. That the law is still has been Implemented two years after it was, supposed to go into effect. If you love milk and cheese but. Worry that it's, not good for you a new study says it actually is contrary to popular belief the findings not only support but significantly strengthened the, growing belief that dairy fat does not increase, risk of heart disease in older adults in fact one fatty. Acid present in dairy was actually founded, potentially lower the risk of death from cardiovascular disease Study was conducted in, nearly three thousand participants age sixty five years. And older and they were followed up for over twenty years. That's Marcia auto lead author, of the study is Houston school of public health the findings come as milk sales in the United States. Are dropping, well milk alternatives such as soya sawing almond have grown in popularity Chris Edens KNX ten seventy NewsRadio It's one twenty at least apprentice checks your money if you can't beat them join up Gymboree. Is taking a hand, me down idea from fast fashion. Retailers like forever twenty one h Zara and tailoring it to the kid crowd you have to stay, current you. Have to stay relevant you've got stay close to your customer Gymboree CEO Daniel Greece Mer understand what it is that he or she is looking for and deliver. That consistently in a unique and differentiated. Way if you do that you're. Going, to be a winner Gymboree emerged from bankruptcy almost a. Year ago under defense against fast fashion retailers that also have kids clothing lines new Gymboree clothing includes more basic Staples for mixing and.

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