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Compare it to them. McDonald's when I'm guessing on this one Eddie del Hey Raymond play the first part of it and then pull the volume down after that first. Verse One not just the first one what do you do that for the first time did again NBC. I'm an Amy Taco Bell TACO. Oh the bell right now I do hear right now. Yeah Yeah you name in this on. This is hard it's hard. It's the extended version of all these right. Thank you the commercial uh-huh so started over so you'll go. I won't say what they say the commercial but go ahead so today all you have to do is come by and grab three resupply of nineteen ninety nine here Eddie. Office Depot Home Depot. They've so played again depot. We feel that a lot of families are looking for their best and favorite lumber we here at home depot. Make sure you get that only twelve ninety nine in this one zero seven seven seven cash When you need it idea gosh now I don't know what company that J. G. J. G. Wentworth? That's hard that commercials on all the time I turn the TV on. It's only that commercial. You're watching Judge Judy. It's coming on Here's one Intel now it's at and not down next one paramount all the Indian century forty President Fox Yum beginning this one. Oh Oh did you do T MOBILE VERIZON WALL. More the last one..

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