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This. You're listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. We welcome. You back. Glad you're with us. And Gwen Gilboa joining us as always Glynn so much has happened. It seems like every time we talk another bomb has gone off. Let's start if you don't mind with will weigh the news today that that he is not going to be compelled to testify. What do you know about that? And and what does it mean for his at least short term future? At LSU. Well, I think it's good news for we'll wait. But it's it's not as significant as as people think it as if you remember when he was first when word I happened that he may be subpoenaed to testify that was in February. And he he didn't get in any trouble with LSU over that. He was suspended a few weeks later in March because of the comments from FBI wiretaps in the sports story, and those comments still remain very damaging to him, and the NCAA is still going to investigate and and the and he's still involved in that FBI pro but mainland the NCAA now he's been have to testify, but you know, you may not have even had to testify about his recruiter. So that's that's kind of a side like that. He said he's gotten out of this the most important thing with him remain. The Danny comments he made in the story. I get to the next level of that. And that's the emergence now of Scott Woodward as the athletic director realized nobody knows what he's thinking. At least. We don't know what he's thinking in relation to will. Wade. But let's let's hear from you about the week. That was in Baton Rouge. The overthrow of a lever. Not not a surprise. Scott Woodward, joining the LSU athletic department, which did catch many people by surprise. Yeah. I think you know, we talked about a lever last time I was on the show. And I thought a leave of his contract would be extended and he would be done in about a year his contract ends in June of two thousand twenty. I thought you know, they exit him a little earlier than that like six months down the road. So they have time to find somebody, but they did this much quicker, and I can tell you this is this is separate of the entire will wait situation in basketball, this this has been coming on for a while. Donors for two supervisors men members. People closed LSU have been growing in numbers against the leave of he's been there. A long time ten years. It was time for him to retire said, Richard Lipsey who began tiger athletic foundation, and major donor. He had grown tired of Joe alita separate of the will wait situation. And I think what would my apotheosis is. What really tipped this to happen? Now is Scott Woodward became available, and I would bet Scott Woodward didn't wanna wait a year or six months to take over and wait for Jolie to end his contract. I think Scott would wanted to take over now. And I think that's part of what happened. Glen, you're pretty plugged into on there. How do you think this came about? I know that he took the job. But I mean, how how deep does his roots go there, and I'm assuming pretty deep, and and how were they able to pull this off? And then they seem to the seemingly did it. Without anyone knowing what was going on. Exactly. And that never happened around. Phil issue often. You know, we find out what they're doing while they're doing before they're doing it. Because they they can't keep a secret, you know, word leaked out that Mike Archie was going to be fired weeks before he was back in nineteen ninety. You know, word leaked out that Joe Aleve wanted to buy Joel liba that then they wanted to fire less miles a few years ago, and you could be more efficient when you work plan destiny. And that's what L S you did this time and LSU made sure they had Scott Woodward coming then they fired Joe elite or or head them resigned..

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