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Of Iheartradio and stuff media I'm and I'm Laurin Vogel uh-huh and today we're talking about turnips which is actually quite exciting I didn't realize it was going to be as exciting as it was it's it's eleven pages worth exciting if our if our outlined is any indication and also used a lot of exclamation point I did I did and I try to keep the all caps to a minimum but there's just so much going on with the turn-up there is there is the first thing I think I think of turnips is to bet and turn up from gobble to fire and Harry Potter because I think it's the movie I've seen the most of any movie in my entire life I have clearly seen than you have because I have no idea what you're talking about and that's fun yeah yeah it's a made up turnip it's win Harry is very desperate for a solution I guess I think of eating turnips I don't have that many turn it pop culture references there's surprisingly ludd and we're going to get into some of them but the reason turnips we're one of the original Jack Lantern Yes or perhaps the original Jack of Lantern vegetable yeah yeah and of course we're going to talk about that because my family is divided over Turnip Greens and Collard Greens and I say why don't you go for both delicious they are I that of the Greens I prefer mustard greens they're like a little bit pepper easier uh-huh yeah I mean same families and similar true and a lot of times when people say Greens especially here in the south it can be a mix of all of these things yeah yeah but okay let's get to our question turnips what.

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