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Can expect to feel it in Wednesday morning as we check in on George's coast on Tybee island it's mayor tells us most businesses are closed hotels and rental properties have cleared out we're expecting tropical storm force the same wins the day and also that storm surge which I'm worried about most for the seventh street and they're Chasin putamen says low lying homes in the western side of tidy his biggest worry that area had bad flooding from hurricane Matthew and Irma residents who live in those homes most of them have left some of them have in front of communicate with one couple who is not left yet the mayor says once those winds crank up anyone who stays won't get help from nine one one he expects the late morning high tide to flood over the main road at Drake it's ninety five point five W. S. B. W. S. we speak comes continues our team. a cheese and a million island I'm W. S. B.'s homes on Amelia island near Jacksonville Florida this place is pretty much empty people I've talked with who did state save about seventy percent of their neighbors left when the evacuation order went into effect those who stay say that their shutters are up and they're ready for the storm but if they should change their mind so I have to do it before the winds reach tropical storm force about forty miles an hour because at that point the close the bridges and no one will be able to get back on the mainland now stay with WSB throughout the night and on Atlanta's morning news for updates also go to W. SP meteorologist curtain militias blog for updates as well. every thirty minutes and when it breaks ninety five point five W. S. B.'s depend on at Walmart.

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