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Does my hair regulates have a regular person but i i just they're solving problems that it's there's no problem there yet my haircut she here coming this thing yeah i agree with you i sometimes you know you know have ended the home automation for a long time but simplified home automation i you know my lights have motion sensors in some rooms right i'm not here looks like i'm home right and that's that's like my home automation i i really don't need to go you know hey siri set my thermostat to seventy two i can walk past it and twist it right i mean i sometimes i think we've gone too far with what we want to automate i agree i agree last time i have to bring up phishing scams or back like eight about how many apple account was was not i get those i get pay pal one time and now they're coming like i can't believe how many got this yeah it's it's sorry it's chinese hackers russian hackers how come it's always those to those people apple will never ever send you a question about that ever and if they do have a question there won't be a link to click so people if you get one of these things that you're not sure about and you're on a mac i think he'd been works on windows now just over the cursor over the link and it should it should show you either at the bottom of the window or little pop up what the link is right and if the link doesn't say ww dot apple dot com slash something at the very beginning right after the https art it's not apple right and you can tell pretty quickly by looking at the lincoln if you're if it doesn't work right cook it's they copy lincoln pasted into tech stock to the note pad or their text editor one of those things and look at the lake you can see pretty quickly it's definitely not the company thought it was that's the way you check that's the best way to check for fishing and it's i get i you know my the i run my email through google which sounds weird but they have a great spam filter for fishing and sometimes i'll go looking in the spam folder and see some of these things and some of them are damn good yeah i mean i think oh i got checked out and you.

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