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Literally cancelled. The Baseball Hall of fame is GonNa hold it. Yeah Bill and saw that one together them twenty one twenty one and that's good Thanksgiving cooperstown so small. You could be one side of the street. I'm on the other side but now I just prayed at the numbers rising. Pray to the number of fishing's resolve themselves. You get on the control and wife back to normal exactly and and and It feels like A pendulum has swing back in in that in that direction It may not be fast enough to suit everybody's interest Or the eagerness but We're we're at least at least we're in the right direction deck. I appreciate it and we will Look forward to the weekend and the action and talk next week. All Right Steve. Thanks Dick Powell everybody. Let's take a break here about fifteen to the top of the hour and we gotta get asking and Shulman. This is where I turn it over to them and I get the day. Go downstairs. Dr Tina Little Gidding. Steve Ascot athleti shelving for the one of the great traditions. I guess maybe you'll have to do it again. This summer leading up to September. But normally right about now whether it was in person or whether it was with lenny by me at Churchill and Steve.

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