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Uhhuh shirtless hunk is not the same thing as drunken pirate rockstar it's the difference between drawing up something that looks cool and then breathing life into it with an attitude that can match in sochi emo rock kid in leather sleeveless garb is just not going to carry your movie agree it might look good on a poster it might look good in your locker you might be a pinup team star but this i think what we're supposed to read between the lines the air is that because he was raised in the street they're still an edginess to him that the more royal blood line doesn't have this wrestling and him laughing and talking in that cockney i think our ways of understanding that but what i never understood is that these brothers actually are good friends and got along and i think we needed to see that because i instantly i'm expecting all this animosity between the brothers and when they're preparing for battle which is the first time we see the three brothers as a dull together or at all we never see those other two brothers in childhood it feels like there's some arguments like the one brother tusks is i will go it no i i draw first blood new nothing jilin hall i'm not going to listen to you don is like these guys they don't even think that just go right for the front gate i'm gonna stick in we're going to go in through the side and take them off guard does don has definitely the better strategy going on and he's being dismissed later in the movie we're going to find out that these three brothers were all great friends they got each other's back on with your bro but i do not get that from these early seeds and it's really jarring that said i wouldn't want the movie to be longer and establishing that in any kind of twenty minute prologue.

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