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Been spiegel. Landed roberts adam paint. Gnc the carter up so just the best way to wrap up the show. I think is still what to expect. Moving forward we have a couple more weeks from regular season begins. We still have one more preseason game and we're under cincinnati. Three of the preseason and brian floors came out and said the guys who are on the bubble were close to being on the bubble. Those are the guys who are gonna play. Our next week just makes it sounded to me. Maybe it's as simple as the dolphins at bubble other wilson Devante parker preston williams. We heard he recently. Just got activated. Maybe a couple of these bigger guys are not going to say everyone. Because you know you'd expect isaiah ford to be outdated expect We've heard about their injuries. but in terms of their top. Guys i starting to think maybe once the preseason ends new had those two weeks before the regular season we might see that these guys are practicing bull in their bubble wrap did here we go to season or it could be all doom and gloom. And these guys are actually. I don't know but that's kind of a vibe. I get Seeing how there was no question that these guys are going to be out the last two games. I don't see him playing third. Yeah and i think you're the word to use their best bubble. I think they should bubble wrap these stars to it. Should be bubble. Wrap you know that offensive launched And some of these other guys at albert wilson's a guy who stands out to me. There's a player who had a huge summer. Everyone was raving about him. I think omar. Kelly said he's not worried about the injury so it makes you wonder if they're not just you know taking extra precaution with a wilson a fuller limb bowed and. I do think that's a little bit more severe. He almost sounds like he could end up on r to start the season which could open up a roster spot preston williams. I would've liked to see him out there but giovane holland brandon jay but giovane holland jake. That was the player that i really would have liked to see. Get out there. Because as i mentioned you know he was at him. Jaylen we wanna see more out of saw salt from wildwood nice von holland. Get pick their on a franks or was their starting at the beginning of the game. So jake i hope that it's just. I'm taking precaution. Because as we've seen throughout this training camp if injuries start to pile up that is going to be the dolphins achilles heel and you know how no shit at to say shots. That is why we make sure you get paid the big bucks for more joshes. Awesome fantastic Secondhand analysis showed a at twitter at ut z. That is actually found at twitter on twitter at twitter at j mendel ninety four josh. I think we're going to do two more shows this week as the dolphin. Prepare to wrap up the preseason if you would like to keep the with hit that subscribe button to actually getting quite a few reviews lately so wherever you. Listen your podcast. I tune spotify hit Hit that subscribe but it does help others find the show and if you have a couple of minutes leaving review Quite a bit too as an extra pep to our step josh. I mean this is about as verbal show. We do there. Were not a lot of issues that were not a lot of injuries. The dolphins seem to be in a really good spot right now open. They continue to get healthy but in all in all josh preseason week to has deemed a success it does i mean i think we kind of followed it up with a pretty damn good podcast equivalent to the way the dolphins played so hopefully guys we list to like jake said the best way to stay up today subscribe to the podcast leave us a rating. There's everything you would like us to change any comments. You have feel free to reach out to us on twitter again. I'm at house. That is at j mendel ninety. Four four finsider radio. The jake josh. Oh i am josh house. That's jake mendel. We'll talk to you later this week. Dot.

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