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A thirty four year old man shot in Seattle's pioneer square neighborhood late last night may not survive. That shooter is still on the run say the shots rang out at first avenue and cherry around eleven pm officers tell us there were too many people in the area after the Sounders game essentially failed. So they couldn't bring in canine said try to track down that gunman if you know anything that could help with the investigation, please call Seattle. Komo's Brian Yamamoto. Police think the shooter described as a black man in his twenties wearing a dark top and dark pants took off southbound along first avenue, south Justice last week, a group of business leaders wrote an op Ed in the Seattle times pleading with the city to do more to prevent crime in pioneer square. Also comes on the heels of a gallery owner being attacked in October. The group is calling for more beat cops the removal of illegal camps for navigation teams and a heightened focus on arresting. People who commit crime in the neighborhood. That's komo's Kelly Cubans reporting on the heels of the Thousand Oaks shooting an organization called Washington's mass shooting workgroup is making its own recommendations to Washington. Lawmakers yours KOMO Suzanne fog, one of the task force recommendations to make funding available for K through twelve schools across the state for school resource. Officers advocates say it's not really just about responding to an active shooter. That's as they say. It's also about building relationships in keeping kids in school. How many contractor crews does it take to change a light bulb? That's not a riddle. We're not sure actually of the answer, but it will require closing the westbound side of the five twenty bridge from ninety second avenue northeast to montlake boulevard. Here's komo's Brian Calvert. The eastern approach to the new five twenty bridge features three lids over the highway lids. That are green spaces on top and underneath our Aloom native by about thirty five hundred light bulbs. We started installing these fixtures.

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