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Certainly, helps. Competing statements today from buckeyes, head football coach urban Meyer and the attorney for Courtney Smith Meyer seeking to, correct media reports and saying he did not lie during big ten media days Smith saying a police report incorrectly placed her at home meeting with an OSU. Attorney in two thousand nine in Florida when it was actually a Panera bread store they say Meyer was arrested or Meyer was suspended rather for the first three games of this Season, which was you leaders say was for failing to manage Zac, Smith parts of the nation are morning as Senator John McCain. Returns to the city where, he spent, most of his adult life in service to this country the remains of Senator. McCain will lie in state at, the capitol for the rest of the day and honor afforded only thirty. One people thirteen of them senators as his flag. Draped casket was carried up the capitol steps the skies opened into a sudden heavy rainstorm a powerful symbol for the death of a man so, revered by the nation McCain's current and former colleagues gathered in the rotunda many of them, wiping tears away as congressional leaders eulogize tap the casket will remain in the rotunda for visitors for the rest of the day alley Rogan ABC news Capitol Hill Aretha. Franklin's funeral held today at the greater grace, temple in Detroit a celebration of the singer former President Bill Clinton was among the speakers we Started, out not as the president and the first. Lady The Senator, secretary of state we started, out as like a Retha groupies or something Sometimes it's better to. Be. Number two AllState has, put. Out its fourteenth annual. Best drivers, in America report Columbus drivers. Are second, worst, Ohio, according to that list. AllState says Cincinnati is right. Up there number one radio six ten WTVN sports guy surely anxious, to play football take on Oregon state noon tomorrow in the opener. On ABC six captain Peres Campbell on the absence of urban Meyer enforcing fifteen, minutes eight more college openers tonight with both Michigan state and Wisconsin playing busy, night a. High school football.

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