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WSB radio app we ask after sleeping it over night would you keep the money you had ground keepers losers only purrs like that for a yes Sam were following this one away for possible future references an inside job remember that inside yeah the truth is out there Kris Jenner W. S. B. Roswell police are working a murder mystery a month after a woman was found dead in her apartment off of Nesbitt ferry road sergeant sacri Frommer tells channel two action news the body a fabula Thomas was discovered by her roommate on June eighth inside their unit at the Atlantic new town apartments the station began there as there is clearly some special circumstances regarding her death and autopsy could not determine the cause of death but Frommer confirms the body did show signs of trauma investigators think Thomas may have known her killer I fired at Lana police officer admits in court to aggravated assault in the excessive force arrest of a teenager three years ago Fulton County district attorney Paul Howard says they could not believe what they were seeing dash cam video of then Atlanta policeman Matthew Johns assaulting a spread eagled fifteen year old on the ground to kick him in the head on three separate occasions the and the officer got down on his knees and pressed his knee into the neck of this fifteen year old victim and trade yes pain tells the judge don't forget for anything but I feel that he should be punished for anything Howard says bill recommends two years behind bars when John's a sentence to July twenty ninth at the Fulton County courthouse Veronica waters W. S. beach soccer at Kennesaw state U. S. open Cup quarterfinals Atlanta United shuts out Saint Louis FC two nil triple A. all star game in el Paso the Pacific Coast League beat the International League ninety three droppers outfielder Travis demerit we to advance a strikeout a walk and he scored a run stripers pitcher Ben Rowen tossed an inning giving up two hits a Ron striking out one and walking a batter Friday the Braves travel to San Diego to open a weekend series against the Padres.

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