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Though I'm not the sort to quibble, if I was, I might say that savor eat missed an opportunity when they named their machine the robot chef instead of the obviously better choice robo chef, which if they had and the machine dings that your burger is ready and you should take it, they could have had the machine say. But I digress, savor eat says that the robot chef application stores data securely on the cloud, a feature they say that gives the system the flexibility to constantly update recipes on the one hand and to safely collect consumer information on the other, storing all that information in the cloud what in computer circles is known as sky netting the information. Instead of storing it in the memory of the machine, ought to be useful in the event of the singularity, hopefully solving what applied mathematicians working in the field of gustatory artificial intelligence or gai, generally referred to as the Soylent green problem. Burgus burger bar CEO ahuva turgan said of the launch quote, the idea that for the first time ever, a consumer can come to a meat oriented hamburger restaurant with a push of a button on an app order a juicy digitally manufactured vegan burger is nothing short of revolutionary and creates an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Plans are in the works to roll out the robot chef in the coming months at BBB's competitors. The Burger King chain and Moses and meat Delhi with hope that soon, no one in Tel Aviv will be more than several blocks away from a delicious 3D printed personalized vegan burger and arguably nothing captures the innovation meets salivation in the startup nation spirit of this city we love so well, Tel Aviv, better than ordering vegan on your phone and getting your burger in 6 minutes untouched by human hands and I for one could not be prouder with us in the studio as a woman whose lovely writing, like a robot chef burger is nothing short of revolutionary and creates an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Obviously, I am referring to Alison cap in summer. Allison has written for Politico, the new republic foreign policy, the Jerusalem post the jta the forward and many other of your very best papers and magazine. She's a columnist with her arts. You have heard her on NPR pri. And the BBC, and you have seen her on I 24 television and Al Jazeera TV, she has also lately for the past two weeks been the host of the haaretz weekly podcast, which is fun to listen to because the oldest rule of journalism is you can never have enough Allison. Alice in a whole day, beneath world center award for journalism recognizing excellence in Diaspora reportage, and as Simon rock our award for excellence in covering Zionism, aliyah and Israel, Alison, how are you doing? I'm doing good. You know these burger chains you speak of exist in other places in Israel besides Tel Aviv, were very Tel Aviv centric on this podcast, but you're now sitting here with a renata resident and a new Haifa resident. So you're going to have to expand your geographic horizons. Absolutely. As a matter of fact, the very first one opened in her saliya that's the place where it is, which is not Tel Aviv, but it's just to the north of talvi. But then the next 8 machines are going to all be in Tel Aviv. Okay. Then after that, it will go to the mentioned Soylent green, do you know what year it's set in? Wait, you're swelling green is heading? Yeah. I would guess 2021 or 2022. 2022, baby. We're getting there. It's so nice. It's such a people oriented thing. Also with us in the studio as a woman who perhaps unlike a 3D printed vegan burger loves and lives for human contact while like a 3D printed vegan burger, she is both good for us and good for the environment. Obviously, that woman is Sally Abbott. Sally is the resource development director and one of the elected cadre of leaders of standing together the grassroots political movement that I talked about ahead of the show that is changing the face of Israel for the better organizing Jews and Arabs locally and nationally around campaigns for peace equality and economic and social and environmental justice. Sally has written for the nation and majority magazine. She is also the co host of the podcast groundwork about Palestinians and Jews refusing to accept the status quo and working together for chain Sally. How are you doing? I'm not going to lie to you, you know, I've been better, but I'm super excited. That is a mask because she has the fruit. The good old classic flu. Yeah. Go get your shots, guys. Old fashioned old fashioned. None of those fancy new viruses to see all this. Yeah, it's time tested. As for me, my name is no Efron. I don't mean to boast. But earlier this week I was struggling to make the remote control work on the fancy new hybrid system. We bought for our student lounge and meeting area. And I couldn't get the video camera to pan or for that matter to budget at all and wrote them a charming bright, brilliant energetic student said, no, it's because you're using the projector remote to try to make the video camera move. And she gave me the right remote and after I pressed the button and saw with satisfaction that the camera was panning left and right, she said, C and then she looked me up and down and said, maybe I should mark the tour boats so that you'd be able to tell them apart, even though they are in fact really different from one another. And I'm pretty sure that I noticed that she started speaking to me more slowly, giving me time to grasp the idea that not all remote controls control everything remotely. And I'm not trying to brag that was always something my parents emphasized that I shouldn't be boastful, but I am pretty sure that when rotem looks at me and probably all the students, she sees someone really, really venerable like, say, Betty White, or maybe Yoda. Today we have three topics of nonpareil importance, but first we have this somewhat memorial matter. This week, there was a state ceremony at the national cemetery on mount herzl or the mount of remembrance as it's also known in a section given over to illegal immigrants who died on their way here in an area occupied by the graves of 22 people who died on the night of the 23rd of the Hebrew month of teve in the year 57 21 or 1961 when their boat. It's registered name was Pisces, though it was known in Hebrew as it goes or not, went down in a storm in the alborn sea. This year on the 23rd of Tibet, like every year, ministers and members of Knesset were there, the heads of organizations and dozens and dozens of relatives of those who died on that night 60 years ago. I heard about all this the other day while I was walking the dog and listening to an interview on the radio with a man named Sam benci treat. The Pisces or it goes was a small fishing boat a surplus British World War II transit boat once called price rented from a man named Thomas Scott, who ran a one man boat leasing company incorporated in Scotland, though flying the Honduran flag and operating out of Gibraltar. In 1960, Scott entered a contract with people working for the Mossad ferrying Jews the 300 kilometers from the port of Al Hussein, Morocco to Gibraltar, where the passengers would wait for another boat and sometimes a plane to take them to Israel. Although the deck of the Agos was less than 30 m², a quarter of the size of my apartment. And although the ship carried a single small rowboat as a life raft, Scott warranted it could carry 40 to 50 people, especially when the people were illegals more than half of them kids. The Mossad man agreed to pay on a per trip and per head basis with the ship leasing company providing crew an arrangement that aligned the interest of the Mossad and transporting as many refugees as possible with each pass with the interest of Thomas Scott and making as much money as possible with each trip that goes was one of three boats the Mossad got for the purpose of transporting Jews out of Morocco on the down low. Up until the 23rd of Tibet, 57 21, the ship had made a dozen successful trips ferrying a total of 333 people out of Morocco. Now, Moroccan Jews wishing to move to Israel had not always needed to do so on the down low. And the first 5 years after Israel came into being more than 40,000 moroccans moved to the country, although about one of every 16 of them ended up moving back to Morocco dissatisfied with the treatment and conditions they found here. It was only after Morocco gained independence from France in 1956 that king Muhammad V who as one of his first acts had granted his Jewish subjects civil equality outlawed immigration to Israel on the grounds that now that they were full citizens like every other Moroccan, there was no reason for Jewish moroccans to leave. In response to the ban on immigration, a zionist underground took shape and an office in the Mossad was set up to encourage moroccans to come, and to help those who chose to to make the trip, Mossad forgers were sent from Israel to Morocco to prepare a fake passports and other fake documents, Mossad organizers were sent to Morocco to organize. We can maybe get a picture of the last night of the passengers of the Agos by considering the reports of passengers on the 12 earlier successful but still harrowing voyages on that ship. Each of which also carried 40 to 50 passengers. One report came from rabbi tak Abu cassis, who was 6 in 1960 when he sailed on the Agos, quote one Shabbat the alia people came and told us the moment had come for us to leave. I did not understand how we were traveling on Shabbat. I did not understand the situation. And the concept of how saving life takes priority over Shabbat was unknown to me. My mother asked one of our neighbors to watch over her coming, her talent, apparently to hide the truth that we were fleeing. And we set out hastily with bottles of water in a single suitcase between us. After a long trip in a truck covered with a tarp, we arrived at the shore. It was late at night, and I remember the fear in the air. The original plan was to get on the ship immediately and say, also Gibraltar, but then they told us the weather was stormy and we need to wait a full week. We hid in the home of the local Muslim man who took good money for his services. After a nerve wracking week, we were told the seas were common we could go on the ship rain came down ceaselessly. The boat was tossed on the water and the adults prayed we'd arrive in peace. Suddenly there was a hole in the floor and water rushed in. My mother laid down on the breach and sealed the hole. When we got close to the shores of Gibraltar, we had no choice, but to jump into the icy water, I will never forget that fear. End quote. That was a 12th voyage of the Agos on the night of the 13th voyage, a few weeks later, the weather was again poor and the Mossad agent assigned to the immigrants, a wireless operator named Tsar fati, asked the captain, a Spaniard named Francisco marilla reynaldo to postpone the trip too, but reynaldo refused. There goes with 60 kilometers west of Melilla when it ran into a storm. It was driven onto the rocks at cape morrow nuevo and the ship's prow was split. Captain Francisco Murillo reynaldo and two of the three Spanish crew members christobal moya and Miguel Sanchez commandeered the lifeboat keeping everyone else away and sailed safely to shore. The third Spanish crew member whose name I couldn't find refused to abandon the passengers and died with them. Captain reynaldo said he had warned his passengers of the danger and still a fool heartedly hurriedly put on life belts and jumped in the sea. Many did not know how to swim, he said, and were unable to handle their life belts in the freezing water. In fact, half of the 44 passengers jumped off the deck of the Agos as it sank, and the other half were in the belly of the ship and went down with it. Save for the captain and the two crew members, no one survived that night. The bodies of the 22 who jumped into the sea were recovered by Moroccan rescue teams, those who died in the ship were never found. Among the dead were Ravi tak Abu cassis sister aliyah and her husband, yik Al Malik, and their four kids, Albert age 12, Shimon ten, Suzanne four and masuda, age two, who was recovered dead in her dead mother's embrace at sea. Reynaldo said he was unaware of the nationality of his passengers, who he said had rented the boat for quote unquote a Mediterranean cruise. Among the 43 Moroccan Jews who died that night on the Agos together with haim tar fati and the Spanish crew member, there were several families aside from the amalias. There were the edgars, nissim and Shaba and mordehai, bar mitzvah age, arza 9, Annette 7 Marcel 5 and babar two. There were the azules khanina and khana and giselle 16 chalom 9 mayor 5 and Rachel won. There was the Ben harish family, Rafael and Tamar, Jacques 27, Dina 22 Jacqueline 20 and Gabriel 14, the Ben Lulu's David and Mari, David's mother Rachel and their daughter Alice 18. There were Henry and reef gamma man and their kids Florence 13 giselle 11 heim 5. There was Daniel dadon and his boy Jackie. There were several people traveling alone, David alcove 14 yuda Dan ester liberty, 57, and ghostland aged 70. The paper is printed a picture of maybe 20 of the victims, men in jackets and ties, women and hats and hair bands scrubbed children in button down shirts. All of them looking anything, but Israeli for each of the families that perished and all the more so for the singletons, there were relatives and loved ones who, for one reason or another, were not on the boat. Gila Gutman azulai, the head of the organization of bereaved ghost families was ten when the ship went down in his 70 today. She and her 12 year old sister fanny were sent to Israel ahead of the rest of the family while her 19 year old brother David and activist and the zionist underground stayed back after them. Quote, before the catastrophe, we were 8 children and my mother, after that faithful night, only three of us were alive. Before we even reached Israel, we heard about the ship that sank, but we had no idea our family was on that voyage. My sister and I were told about the death of our family only two months later, we were at a boarding school here in Israel. And one day our uncle arrived and took us to his home and he told us the sad news, he said no one survived the cold water and that our mother together with 5 of our sisters and brothers had drowned. I burst out crying. At the end of the Shiva, when we were brought back to school, the terrible silence began, everyone at our boarding school had heard what happened to our family. And yet no one spoke with us about it, including our counselors and principal. We had just gotten news like job and no one took an interest in how we were. I understood from that that it is shameful to tell anyone I'd lost my whole family as if it happened because I was a bad girl. For 20 years, I hit my loss and didn't talk about it with anyone. It was only after I married and had my own kids who kept asking why they had no grandparents that I started to investigate my own past and I said that her brother David, who had convinced lots of Jews to make the trip, including his parents, quote, felt personally responsible for the drowning of our family. He lived with an overwhelming feeling of guilt for the rest of his life. He did not speak of it. Four years ago, just before he died, he told me that even though he had a beautiful family of his own and lots of grandchildren, he missed our mother terribly. She and our brothers and sisters were supposed to be here with us now. He told me with tears in his eyes. After the a ghost disaster, great pressure came upon the Moroccan government, which at first said that the Jews had died while trying to reenter Morocco illegally and without passports, and then the Moroccan government said that the catastrophe that quote, the veil is now lifted on zionist action in Morocco, promoting immigration to Israel. As though some smuggling ring had been uncovered, soon though, governments in Europe and North America demanded that Morocco lets use emigrate freely. If only to keep more kids from dying on rickety unseaworthy boats and freezing water in the middle of the sea in the middle of the night, 6 weeks after the disaster king Muhammad the 5th died at 51 from complications of what was expected to be a minor surgery on his nose and his son, crown prince moulay Hassan was declared king Hassan the second. Among his first official acts was rescinding the prohibition against Jewish immigration. In this way, it may be that the deaths of the passengers of the Agos are what made possible the great wave of Moroccan immigration to Israel that followed over the next year. Sam benci treat, the man I heard on the radio this week was part of that great wave, moving to Israel in 1963 when he was 25. He came with his wife on the day after they got married. Quote, we had 400 guests at our wedding. Everyone knew we were going to Israel the next day and no one gave us a gift, which we in any case would not have been able to take. In Israel, he taught school like he'd done in Morocco and then went into banking. In 1979, a friend told him that the 22 bodies, the moroccans recovered from the Agos, had been taken back to somewhere in Morocco and buried in poor, unmarked graves, never visited, and no one seemed to care much about this, except for family members who didn't know what, if anything they could do about it. In fact, then she tweeted, had never once heard there goes mentioned in Israel in the 16 years he lived here, not in the papers, not on the radio, not on TV. This did not sit right in a country with a blessed obsession for remembering every name of every person. Every Jew, anyway, who lost their lives as part of the story of this place, and it did not sit right with benchy treat that the passengers of the Agos who died trying to make their way to live their lives in Israel had not at the very least been allowed to make it here in their death. Then cheat treat wrote a letter to Monaco bagan who not long before had become prime minister and asked first that the passengers of the Agos be recognized as ma'am, illegal immigrants who died in the service of Zionism and big and agreed. Of course, big and agreed part of the revolution that big and toward a bring was celebrating people, Jews, anyway, who the old labor government had taken for granted, a law was passed, stipulating that the day there goes went down the 23rd of the vet would be the official annual day of recognition of the illegal immigration movement among North African Jews. And with that, starting with a letter to a prime minister, 20 years of silence, about 43 Moroccan Jews who died at sea trying to come to Israel end it. In 1983, Ben chit treat got himself hooked up with a French tourist group to Morocco, leaving the tour when he got to tangier and meeting up with the president of the tangier Jewish community from eisen quote was his name and threw him trying to find the graves of the passengers of the eggos. Eventually a rumor led him to tetouan, where he met a man who heard that the Jews were buried in Al Hussein. And when he got there, he found 22 numbered stones, red cot and vowed that he would see these bodies way to Jerusalem. This was the beginning of a decade long campaign, which included visits to lobby prime ministers chamier and Perez, and 39 audiences with Moroccan officials, including king Hassan the second who said that he favored exhuming the bodies of the Jews so they could be reinterred in Jerusalem. But added that it could only be done in its right time. That right time came in 1992 after you talk Robyn was elected and relations with Morocco seemed ready to improve that December 29 years ago now. Robbing spoke as the 22 recovered passengers of the Agos were finally laid to rest on mount herzl in the section dedicated to illegal immigrants who perished on their way here in an area set aside, especially for them under a sign etched in stone telling their story. This week, at the memorial service on mount herzl, there were Al Malik's Eddie's Ben harish's Ben Lulu's maman's and lots of others. Brothers and sisters and cousins and nephews and children of people who died that night on the egg goes. Minister of communication yaws handel said that much has happened since then, including this past year, a peace agreement with Morocco still handel said, quote, each of us must see himself as if he left Morocco on the deck of the it goes end quote. And the thing that I was thinking as Lucy and I finished our walk through the park and headed home is that it took decades for folks here to look at the people who died that night on the ships and to see them if they saw them at all, not as people who wanted somehow to be like us. But as people who we ought to somehow want to be like ourselves, he's a grand baruch. Today, three topics, topic one. This would not have happened a year ago as head of the united arabist oram Mansour Abbas creates a kind of frenzy when he says on stage on Mike on the record that the State of Israel is a Jewish state and is bound to stay a Jewish state next question, please. Some attack him some a pram, some say he's a lying liar, some say he's a traitor. Some say he's just made history in some say he's much ado about nothing. We'll ask what should we say and think about the Islamist leader of an Islamist party who seems unphased by Zionism topic two, Sarah as star state witness in the trial of Benjamin Netanyahu, former adviser Nier Fett's, says under oath that everything we thought we knew about saran Netanyahu is dead wrong, she's no lady Macbeth. Instead, she's smart, warm.

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