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Wow that sounds pretentious universe okay. Let's say available in the world of the professor. Yes that's way less pretentious than universe right. But you know what i mean. Essentially the podcasts. There's the website in the community and the book club and all that stuff anyway. I said then that. I'd get back to this idea of micro credentials and well that time is now first of all. I wanted to define micro credentials. We can say that. That's the documentation or certification of small units of experience or learning digital micro denzel's usually reside in a person's digital backpack where they can be organized into groups and shared either individually or in those groups. And where do we share them. Well you can put them on linked in or other digital profiles. Put them in your resume or be personal or professional web page Maybe digital promotion or tenure packet a job application all kinds of digital platforms and digital documents besides showing off your badges at your next scouting campout. What good are they for. Us as professional educators. Well they document the little stuff the micr bengals after all all those things. we do like workshops. One day courses in self learning like reading a book conferences and seminars. Where we really do learn something useful. Something we can either use now are us later in our profession. Although skills that we pick up along the way that we often forget to document but are often as important as the skills we learned in our degree programs. Just think of all the course design skills we've been pushed into learning during our european democ teaching and specific technical skills like video web meetings online lab sessions. Perhaps some advanced skills in video using a webcam using a document camera creating multimedia and all kinds of fancy skills and roping and riding and juggling and tight rope walking and even lion taming all that stuff we've learned in a hurry during the pandemic. So that's why i i've introduced the tap. Ed program remember tap added short for the ap professor education. So you can earn badges or certificates your choice to document all the things. You're learning here. But i want to focus more on how we can use micro credentials in our amp courses. I've been doing this for many years. In my pre amp course and i think it works really well and a couple of different ways first of all my pre amp course is a refresher course organized into ten different modules. Each module is a set of concepts that students should have mastered before coming into amp one. These are science basics introductory chemistry biological chemistry introduction to cells cell transport getting energy making proteins introductory genetics tissues and the human body. Now p my students get a micro credential. That is a badge for each of these ten concept groups in the.

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