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Yeah. I felt like it was gonna be this sort of like sisters getting together and just sort of like reconnecting found that have been incarcerated for five years. So I was looking forward to them sort of like piecing this mystery together with Mexican Nieve of who danika 's mystery boyfriend, actually was I. I was like prepare Lee. Yes, we're gonna have amber Riley. We're going to have tika Sumpter, Tiffany, haddish and Whoopi Goldberg with Maksim me figuring out the mystery Tyler Perry is going to have peaked. I understand why he's killing off media because I was like he is about to smash. Nobody's fool. I was really psyched when it turned out that the catfish storing was actually going to involve catfish, and my favorite thing about maximum Nieve. And I loved the fact that Maxon nave we're actually in the movie because my favorite thing about them. Is that max is self aware? And Nieves is not so. So when you bring them in like Max's, making fun of himself and making fun of catfish and Neave thinks he's cool because that's how Pat fish is. But like Britney I was really bummed when that part of it kinda petered out they follow that for awhile. And then there's a cameo that. I think we're not supposed to give away. And it was okay. Like, it's an oak casing. I didn't think it was a hilariously amazing scene. But I could talk about it. So what would you say about it without revealing the cameo? What would you say about it? Well, it was just a wasted opportunity. Yeah. As soon as the cameo was revealed, I was psyched I was there. I was present within as it starts actually roll on. It was like man, I wish you guys would have just done a few more takes this. And just kind of let the just just do what you feel and I think it would have probably been ten times better. I had a lot of issues with it. I mean, it is a movie about cat fishing that is built around a fundamental bayton. Switch in the plot. Which is kind of a. Now, it's true. Stephen talked a little bit about Tiffany haddish being misused or underused here, and the thing I agree with him like the Tiffany haddish roles that I've loved the most which of course, I am not a gourmet in this way. Like, I love Tiffany, haddish girls, drip. You know, when I have really loved her the most there is a fierce intelligence and a warmth to her even when she's being extremely silly. And she is one of those people, you know, we talked about big mouth, we talked about my Rudolph, and the fact that she puts just a ton of as Mike sure has said about the good place a ton of mustard on every single thing..

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