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Over there silver docs is happening in june this is from last year silverbacks and silver doctors coming up so we're going to having probably a lot of conversations about that but i wanna point people speaking of han solo and speaking of war movies i wanna point people to journey's end which has that knee any who is in the hans solo movie and also in this you turn me onto a great world war one movie wilson and great performance by paul bet and i think that should be available on screaming feeling that it's okay that is worth we'll look for that because that's a that's a really special movie really heartbreaking performance yeah paul bed me just terrific guess that takes us to our closing lines i got one from quiz show it's the producer of twenty one which was investigated and he says i i think it's david painter gotta love him it's not like we're hardened criminals here where in show i love that is fantastic i'm going to go back to kelly's heroes and telly savalas who says this throughout the the movie stay lucky you not great telly savalas line well i'm gonna go to a series i loved that started on video and then went to hbo called high maintenance about a dealer in new york right and there's in one of the last it's over by now this last season but there was one episode where he was just hanging out with voice over artists knee just wanted him to say but different things in one of them was what i'll believe with now which is good night my meatballs.

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