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So this is a faster way to do whatever you're doing that i'm calling ronan farrow as i talk this through the woody allen i listen to the book i i listened to woody allen's apropos of nothing whatever it's called. I listened to his book and the first thing that came to my mind was this guy has had a stroke or something. No sounded really old. Because i always were predators. Do they start like trying to see it soon as allegations come in there like i'm so feeble i even played it for my doctor. Sounds like he's had a stroke and my doctor says sounds like he's had some neurological falem telling everybody. Would he had a stroke. Would he had a stroke spreading that around. And then i find out that i'm playing the audio book at to speed slower should be you realize back and tell everybody what he's okay. I mean he's stoic. Incendiary rumor that was going around forty. Alan i have really hot takes. That have nothing to do with all these out like. I don't think hall is a progressive female character. This is my hot take. People think she's like super back then because she was in a blazer. It's because she's wearing a blazer. She's she's still dressed. Wouldn't totally but the character was like flaky and insecure lost and like character and by the way confuse. But i'm just saying everyone was like he's such a feminist anti like. She was a very like week person. That was dating was dating a malignant narcissist and. She was wildly out of his league. She was an insecure like airhead. That was like minimizing herself for this guy. That didn't deserve her. I don't like. I never thought that was like the movie. The progressive movie ever thought it was i was like. She's wearing khakis and unflattering close. That doesn't make this. I'm just saying. I'd like to come for him for a couple of while. We're on the topic. I'd like to attack the work as well. I just feel like there's another documentary about how he molested my time. I just i. Just don't i don't i don't like when men hide behind being like weaken like impotent and like i'm a nerd and i'm sure it and like increase can be short and insecure too but that is the root of a lot of stand up isn't it like self deprecating. You know i'm a nerd. Yep it's too much you're rich. You're a millionaire you movies..

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