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And so Okay Yeah. Let's try again. So here we go. Everybody this is around three by the way folks, I mean. and. I don't know if this has anything to do with the topic gentlemen but. It's crazy but I'm Anne Hill also like to welcome other host Rick Warren and James. Toops we appreciate you guys being on here for the third time and next to who gave you the welcome back is our very special guest Gabriella. Gabriella, it's great to have you on the show Rick's great to have you on the show. And James, always a pleasure along with your better half. Sit next to you. We appreciate that Daniel that you're here with us. What what? I asked Louis. Thank you for having me. So we are looking forward to some great stories once again, and so we're going to try and do this apparently. We've been having some issues with the Internet and we've never had him this bet, have we rick? Never like telling Jane's logo. I said this as long as we've been doing this. This is the first time I've ever seen this happen I mean it's it's really bad and I and I can't say if it's because of our topic. Or what but if you haven't seen what our topic is, please check it out. It's Going to be an interesting show and by the way if you hear any weird moaning sounds in the background, it is holly my dog. My little monkey scratching her back on the chair making all these moaning noises. So she's pretty to I. Wish you guys can see her oh, they've seen her. You've seen her. For some reason I don't know why we've been having these glitches in our show, but I hope this this last time that it will happen. You know what I hope so too, gibbs this is just crazy. So anyway, I went into control of my own Internet and put it on a hot spot on my phone. So it's going to be kind of A. Not. Quite as good as I normally have a better than what we've had tonight I hope at least I'm really hoping. So gentlemen should we continue with Gabriel? It's topic. and. Then we'll get into hours in just a little bit. Definitely Guess Third Times journalist. Gaby the floors years once again. So let's see. What you got to tell us. There's a few wilders about like start at the beginning of. The Year Fo. About the UFL I guys, this is the third time. I hope this is the less than because. She's over here. So Ville your stress and. So. Your. About three years ago. When I was. Four years old on the Fulton Street on our Old House me and my dad once again on the porch looking up into the night sky. We saw this light it was. A bright blue collar. Real like the light as course. Of course, the light is blue. So that's how the color was the light current looking up my blue light up in the ceiling. So. Like that was like that. So my dad was booked Gabriella. Ananias like. I was like daddy what is that and it was like I know the like Blue Pyramid, the shape of. Egypt pyramid. Triangle. So like the pyramid was really really. Small and it was blue. It was like like, right there's just standing right? There is so. I showed my mom and I was like Mommy and then he was like, what did I shoulder choose like? Oh my God. and. Then before Dan. Right there I wanNA came back out and was just gone. He was like right there then. To the night sky in this thing took off really fast. It was like what stained still and then it took off. Yeah, it took. took off the really really fast by then when I went inside and he came back with us on. Well and how fast did it take off like you know like? a race car racecar. That's fast. It went. It would standing still and then just shut off real quick. Wow. So I think she saw one of the triangles. You. Didn't make any noise. It was like. Like A siren nor is that a the needle knowing split louder almost home neighborhood could hear it. And then you had a ghost story that you're telling me. Go story will be included in five four. Three. Two. One. So Me and my mom wants to go eat somewhere. and. We decided to go to the steakhouse. So we went there and we got off the car and went site. We sat down at the table on the lady this Li Like A. Come out with their hair like this in a big pointy till you know how those ladies at the Bun because you know she was GonNa Service and she didn't want to give her hair dirty. So. She left left us off with a warning. She said excuse me folks come. This steakhouses very haunted. I just wanted to warn you because there's been a lot of paranormal activity going on here and You know there's it's just really haunted I just wanted to live you off with a warning and. Gabby I think have we heard this story before Phillips No. I haven't heard. This were making a funny because you know this is the third time you've had to tell. Mike. Maybe. She's doing a good job is. So after that or just lady. Her she had like Lug dripping on her is like hard hard. I don't like software. They like tears tears of blood hard crying a card blood tears coming down. and. Her her head. Out of nowhere her head on like this turned around, her body was not even moving just helical her her head turned around all the way. Al Yeah I am not kidding. So after that was like Mommy Mommy Mommy. What now I told her about the leading. All, my God Gabriella, we need to leave right now that lady was rights stone we left and she said we're never going to go back to one hundred steakhouse again. That's crazy. And did you have any other encounters with? Spirits or ghosts there's actually one more than I had on my newest house. It's my grandma's how she's. She's at my grandma's my grandma is actually here. How can Eighty my grandma, she's eighty years old and she's here at this house right now in Floresville. She and I think she's asleep right now. Oh yeah, she's asleep. So she her name is. Mrs. Rodriguez and. She's Asleep right now, I just wanted to include her on this because she has..

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